FULL Statement from Karen Faye Sept 10 2004

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Date: Friday, September 10, 2004 STATEMENT OF KAREN FAYE On August 16, 2004, I was shocked to hear the false allegations made against me on national television in a conversation between Catherine Crier and Diane Dimond on the program Catherine Crier Live. I was even more dismayed by the continuation of this conversation on the same Court TV program on the following day just after I released a statement denying the allegations. In their conversation, these reporters suggest that they received information from an informant alleging that I had participated in activities that were not only immoral, but illegal as well, in that I helped my client, Michael Jackson, in an effort to wrongly convince the public and law enforcement authorities that he had been subjected to unreasonable force at the hands of Santa Barbara law enforcement. The truth is I’ve done nothing of the kind. Unfortunately, my stress and anguish was exacerbated by the suggestion that the California Attorney General’s Office and the California Bureau of Investigation had unsuccessfully tried to find me, and that I was somehow avoiding them. The truth is that I had willingly cooperated with the CBI investigators, and had already submitted to a very long interrogation by them. Being exposed to public disgrace and humiliation was a horrible ordeal. Knowing for a fact that the opposite (of what I was being accused of) was true, it was adversely effecting not only my personal life, but my professional life as well. As an American citizen I believe that I have a right to to either know the name of the person who has accused my of these things, or to have the statements made by Catherine Crier and Diane Dimond publicly and conspicuouslty retracted. On September 2, 2004, I, through my attorneys, demanded such retraction and public apology that can be viewed here: http://www.mjjsource.com/index.php/press/karen-faye-demands-correction-from-court-tv I believe that the First Amendment which protects the right of the media to be free also protects me to be free from malicious accusations which show a total disregard to the truth. It was not intended to serve as a shield behind which disingenuous members of the media hide when they wish to attract a larger viewing audience or to use as a diversion to the real truth. Journalists should not be given protection under the law when they recklessly or deliberately engage in giving the public false impressions of private citizens. I am just a working mother trying to balance a job and a household. I just happen to have a very famous client. It is a sad commentary on humanity when the media is free to bulldoze lies over us to force their agenda down the throat of an unsuspecting viewing public. I just received a small dose of what Michael Jackson has been dealing with for many years….and it hurts.

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