Accuser’s Mother Combative, Caught on Tape Being Told Miller was PI for Geragos

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Accuser’s Mother Combative, Caught on Tape Being Told Miller was PI for Geragos CORRECTION Mother has a history of accusing people of abuse and false imprisonment The fur was flying in court today as two very important points were made during a hearing in the Michael Jackson “case”. We learned that the mother was very evasive and combative on the witness stand. It was brought out in court that the private investigator, Brad Miller, specifically told her who he worked for, and that it was caught on tape.

We also learned that the mother was seeking a “settlement” of some kind with Jackson–even hiring an attorney and a private investigator to look for info on him–before she had ever met him.

In court today, Jackson’s attorney Tom Mesereau was questioning the mother as to whether or not she knew Miller was working for Geragos. She, at one point, even argued with herself about what was said; commenting that just because the official court transcript had one thing, that doesn’t mean she actually said it. Yeah right. Also we learned through defense attorney Mesereau, in open court, that the mother had once accused the accuser’s very own father of molesting the accuser and falsely imprisoning the family. There is definitely a pattern here. Other soruces say that Mesereau also brought out the fact that the mother may have been seeking a settlement with Jackson before they went to the police with any claims. When they didn’t get it, that’s when the allegations were made to the police. This is a rough transcript of what that courtroom observer reported about this case:

Mez: When did you meet Michael? GrifterMom: August 2000 Mez: According to this official statement/sworn declaration that you gave to The SBPD and District Attorney, you retained an attorney and investigator in January 2000 for the sole purpose of finding out information about Michael Jackson and settling with him. You discussed a settlement concerning Michael Jackson BEFORE you even KNEW him???? GrifterMom: I…. I…. Well …. Tom Sneddon, Zonen: OBJECTION! IRRELEVENT!!!!!! Melville: Sustained. – MJJF Reporter

So this may have been planned for a very long time and even before she had ever met Michael Jackson. And this begs the question, did she actively seek-out Jackson’s attention in order to execute this plan? Another interesting point was brought out about her combativeness. One observer said that if she was this combative on the witness stand away from Jackson and under state protection, how are we to believe that she was this defenseless poor woman geting kidnapped and “brainwashed”? It doesn’t seem to fit with the actions that were displayed on the stand today. Stay tuned for more information regarding the latest developments in the Official Sept 17 Hearing thread over at the MJEOL FORUMS:

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