Defense Requests Docs Related to Jackson Arrest

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In court documents released tonight, we learn that in the prosecution’s Ex-Parte Request for Order Re: Production of Booking Reports that the defense has sent a letter asking for all the documents and information relating to Michael Jackson’s arrest and booking process. The prosecution’s motion reads:

By letter, the defense informally requested a copy of the reports and related documents and evidence generated by the California Department of Justice in the course of its investigation of the circumstances of defendant’s arrest and booking on November 30 2003, following publicized allegations by defendant that he had been injured and mistreated in the course of his arrest and booking and before his release from custody on bail. The People have agreed to seek production of the requested reports and documents. (see Ex-Parte Request for Order Re: Production of Booking Reports)

The defense is requesting this info and prosecutions will faciliate the handing over of the information from the CA Department of Justice. The prosecution’s motion continues:

5. I therefore respectfully request that the Court issue an Order to Produce Documents and Materials, directing the California Department of Justice to produce all reports, photographs, tapes and documents generated or acquired in its investigation into the events and actions attending the arrest and booking on November 20 2003 of Michael Joe Jackson, born August 29, 1958, Booking No. 621785. The documents and material should include, but not necessarily be limited to, reports to any law enforcement concerning the treatment of Mr. Jackson during his arrest and booking, reports of interviews of percipient witnesses, including sheriff’s personnel, video and audio tape-recordings of interviews, events and relevant locations, all lists of persons identified as witnesses to relevant events, still photographs and motion picture footage of the relevant events he reports of the investigation, and any findings, conclusions and final reports of the Department of Justice concerning Mr. Jackson’s arrest and booking.

Why does the defense want this info? Could there be possible legal action against the police department in the future? Who knows. But it is very interesting that it is the defense requesting this information now, just as it is the defense who’s requesting discovery from the 1993 investigation where they cite “exculpatory evidence” that prosecutors found concerning that case as well. This also may be why we saw the leaking of a tape of the accuser’s mother giving an interview to the police. Public retaliation is certainly not new to the prosecution or the sheriff’s department. When the defense started to get on the prosecution–as far back in Jan 2004 when Geragos was still working for Jackson–about handing over everything prosecutors have concerning the 1993 investigation, we suddenly get Ray Chandler writing a book, which was released this month (Sept 2004). Stay tuned for the court documents AND the more information. -MJEOL

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