Family & Fans Support Unwavering as Defense Confronts Mother of Accuser

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Jackson’s Family & Fans Support Unwavering as Defense Confronts Mother of Accuser Author: Team MJJsource In a mass show of unwavering support, the Jackson Family arrived, to the cheers of their fans, in a convoy of black SUV’s Friday morning to stand behind Michael as he faced the mother of his accuser. Michael Jackson’s defense team questioned the mother of his accuser Friday, hoping to discredit her as a witness by highlighting contradictions in a sworn statement and documents filed with the court. Defense attorneys also sought to prove prosecutorial misconduct on the part of the district attorney’s office. Mr. Jackson watched intently as Jane Doe began a defiant testimony during which she loudly sighed, referred to her ordeal as “this nightmare,” and accused a courtroom spectator of rudely whispering. Jane Doe also testified she did not know why she was called to the witness stand, she stated that she believed the purpose of Friday’s hearing was “just to bring me more torture.” Mr. Mesereau opened the hearing by raising doubts about the mother’s credibility, asking her about molestation allegations he said she made against her ex-husband in the past as well as previous litigation, including charging J.C. Penney with false imprisonment. Superior Court Judge Rodney S. Melville ruled that those allegations were irrelevant for now. The defense attorney then tried to show that the woman and prosecutors should have known that private investigator Bradley Miller was working for Mr. Jackson’s previous attorney, Mark Geragos, when Miller’s office was raided. Mr. Mesereau referred repeatedly to a transcript of an interview between Bradley Miller and the mother on Feb. 16, 2003, which was conducted only days after her son appeared with Mr. Jackson on a television special. He noted that the transcript stated Miller told her at the beginning and at end of the interview that he was working for “specifically an attorney named Mark Geragos who works for Michael Jackson.” Jane Doe wagged her finger, argued and asked repeatedly for clarification during nearly three hours of testimony. She refused to answer directly when repeatedly asked if the document was false. “I’m not denying it was said. I’m saying I don’t remember,” the woman testified. Mesereau seemed exasperated when the woman said she didn’t understand some of his questions. When he asked if Miller told her he worked for Geragos, she repeatedly said of Miller, “He’s your guy.” At one point, the judge asked her whether she believed the transcript was false. She repeated that “Frank” had told her Miller was part of Mr. Jackson’s security team and was his private investigator. As Mesereau asked again and again about the interview transcript, he commented to the witness, “We’ll see what the tape says.” She replied, “The tape says the same thing as the paper, but by their mouths they said different.” Jane Doe often stared at the ceiling and at breaks during testimony, bowed her head and clasped her hands as if in prayer. Once, after Judge Melville coughed, she interrupted testimony moments later to say she was concerned about his cough. She was unable to recall the length of a recent meeting with a prosecutor at her home, sighing and explaining to Mesereau, “I do a lot of staying up at night … ” When asked other questions, she stroked her chin, wrinkled her brow, shut her eyes and craned her head before answering. Mesereau asked if it were true that she couldn’t remember her age when she testified before the grand jury, but prosecutors successfully objected. Mr. Jackson’s defense team has made Doe’s credibility a crucial issue in the case. They contend that she saw the chance to rake in a fortune by fabricating the accusations involving her son, a recovering cancer patient who was 12 at the time of the visit. Mesereau has previously called the woman a liar in court declaring, “She made statements that her children can sue Michael Jackson after they turn 18. She said she is not after money then she says she is after money. She has hired numerous lawyers and used resumes for work that show she is sophisticated in investigation and prosecution and can supervise surveillance.” The court was not told what the Jane Doe’s job was. But Mesereau said she knew how to file lawsuits and had once accused her ex-husband of molesting one of her sons and falsely imprisoning him in Los Angeles. Later in the afternoon, attorneys for both sides presented arguments to the judge over whether authorities went beyond what they had warrants to seize in searches of Miller’s office and Neverland on Nov. 18, 2003. Defense attorney Steve Cochran argued that prosecutors had gone to absurd lengths to justify taking some of the items and searching some parts of Neverland. Prosecutors conceded that some items should not have been taken. The combative hearing ended without a ruling being given on the seizure of evidence. Judge Melville said he would provide his ruling in writing at a later date. The next scheduled court date is October 14th. As they broke for lunch, Mesereau, with Michael and the entire Jackson family standing behind him, read a heartfelt statement. He said the singer now regrets paying to settle two past claims of child molestation. “Greed begets greed,” Mesereau stated, “Mr. Jackson now realizes that the advice he received was wrong. He should have fought these actions to the bitter end and vindicated himself. The recent publicity about these settlements is unfair and damaging to him, his family and his dedication to the world’s children. The false charges he is facing will be battled in a court of law within our justice system. He is innocent and will be vindicated.” Source:

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