Jackson’s Defense Wants to Know…, Dimond, Allred, Lieberman mentioned

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What do Michael Jackson’s defense attorneys want to know regarding what Tom Sneddon told Diane Dimond, Gloria Allred, Larry Feldman, Stan Katz and Carole Lieberman? That’s the question we all want answered. In newly released court documents tonight (October 6, 2004), we learn that Jackson’s attorneys are still having trouble getting information from the prosecution. What they call “peace meal” offerings from prosecutors have drawn rebukes by the defense. For months there has been speculation about how Diane Dimond was just so mysteriously lucky enough to be at Jackson’s Neverland Ranch laying in wait with a camera crew, expecting the police to show up to raid Jackson’s home. And she learned this information in enough time to allow her to fly in to California and get two camera crews ready (one was at the police station just in case). In court documents, Jackson’s attorneys sent a letter to prosecutors wanting information about a large number of things. Among those things include communications between Sneddon and the aforementioned ‘Rogue’s Gallery’ of characters involved in and around this case. From the defense’s Motion to Compel, stamped Oct 6:

13. Please provide us with all notes, records, reports, phone conversations, statements (whether telephonic, in person, verbal, written, signed or unsigned), recordings (audio, video and/or transcripts), involving District Attorney Tom Sneddon’s contacts with but not limited to Diane Diamond, Gloria Allred, Larry Feldman, Dr. Stanley Katz and Carole Lieberman. This request is limited to issues concerning Michael Jackson’s arrest, past and present investigations and or inquiries conducted and or directed by Mr. Sneddon on behalf of the Santa Barbara District Attorney’s Office and or by the current and former Sheriff of Santa Barbara County.

More information about this latest development coming up later. In the meantime, you can download the 21 page, redacted motion here: * Defendant’s Motion to Compel – Stamped Oct 6 2004 You can discuss this information and stay up to date here: :check BREAKING NEWS: Jackson’s Defense Wants to Know…

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