Steve Harvey Revokes Eminem’s ‘Ghetto Pass,’ Video Pulled From BET

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Steve Harvey Revokes Eminem’s ‘Ghetto Pass,’ Video Pulled From BET By Latisha Simmons Date: 10/12/2004 2:37 pm Michael Jackson called in on Los Angeles radio station 100.3 this morning (October 12th) to voice his disapproval of the new Eminem video for his song “Just Lose It.” In the video, Eminem plays the characters of Jackson, Madonna & MC Hammer and others. The video shows scenes of Eminem dressed as Jackson sitting on a bed with children jumping around him. With Jackson’s recent troubles, the scenes are hitting a little too close to home for the King of Pop. “I never had a problem with Eminem,” Jackson said during The Steve Harvey Morning Show. Harvey also voiced his disgust with the rapper. “Eminem has lost his ghetto pass,” Harvey declared. “We want the pass back.” Harvey said that he was is displeased at the way Eminem chose to depict the black community. He added that rappers who are afraid to say something because they don’t want to jeopardize their own careers are “cowards.” “You apologized about the comments you made before about us being ni**ers and calling black women b**ches but we don’t want your apology now”, Harvey fumed. In a bombshell revelation, Harvey stated that Bob Johnson, Founder and CEO of BET has decided to pull the video from BET’s rotation and will not be playing it again. Johnson also called the Steve Harvey morning show and confirmed the video has been pulled from the BET airwaves why he had his decision. Johnson is expected to release a statement later today about this issue. Harvey also stated that MTV and VH1 should follow suit and pull the video as well. Source:

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