Statement from MJJF Re: Eminem Video

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Statement From MJJForum Fan Community Regarding Eminem´s video, “Just Lose It.” MJJForum, one of the largest Michael Jackson support groups on the internet, officially protests MTV’s continued promotion of Marshal Mathers, known as Eminem, and his video, “Just Lose It”. Mathers, an artist who has condoned crimes against women, intolerance of sexual diversity, and domestic violence, has now added racial denigration to the litany of anti-social behaviors he exemplifies. The image of a member of the majority race vomiting on a black man reawakens age-old memories for segments of the black population who can still remember when vile acts such as this were perpetrated against them and their loved ones in order to keep them in their place. We find it quite suspect that Mathers would choose Michael Jackson, the most famous black entertainer in history, as the target for his personal subjugation. In the 1980’s, Mr. Jackson broke through the glass ceiling of discrimination in the music industry and opened the door for many black artists to achieve success. It is obvious that Mathers, a white artist who has exploited a musical genre originated by African Americans, now intends to symbolically put Mr. Jackson where Mathers believes he belongs. Those days are over, and no African American should stand for this. We agree with Robert Johnson, President of BET, who has called this video “inappropriate and offensive,” and has wisely removed it from the station’s play list. We find it unacceptable that MTV, who has profited from the airing of Mr. Jackson’s own work for more than 20 years, continues to broadcast this open insult to Mr. Jackson and to the black community. Furthermore, we find it reprehensible that MTV insists to air a video that is prejudicial to Mr. Jackson in a way that could negatively affect the legal proceedings he is involved in at the moment. MTV is grossly out of line in its interference in serious judicial proceedings by its support of one person’s slanted view of a situation which has yet to be resolved. MTV and Mathers should, themselves, be held accountable for their actions in a court of law. Unfortunately, MJJForum cannot make that happen. We can, however, make our voices heard by informing fellow fans of all races, and from all over the world, of the position MTV has taken on the matter, and to encourage these millions of fans to take whatever action they see fit. We believe that MTV should follow the example BET has set by taking a stand and refusing to allow racial insults to infect our airwaves. The removal of this video from the MTV play list is certainly warranted. contact: Barbara Chauvin, Editor – DISCLAIMER: Neither MJJFORUM.COM, CLUBMJJF.COM, MJJF-EUROPE.COM, nor the opinions expressed in any and all writings/posts/eNews messages located anywhere on this site, are in any way affiliated either expressly or implicitly with Michael Jackson,, MJJProductions, his management, his attorneys, etc.

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