Defense’s Opposition to the Prosecution’s Sanchez Motion

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Mr. Jackson’s Opposition to the Prosecution’s Sanchez Motion. Some excerpts from the motion: The prosecution is attemptiong to circumvent Mr. Jackson’s rights under the Fifth, Sixth and Fourteenth Amendments to the United States Constitution and California’s law by asserting that [i]Sanchez[/i] requires a defendant and his counsel to assist the prosecution in their efforts to convict him. pg4 | pg5 of .pdf … Instead, the District Attorney has submitted a wish list of materials and requests for production of documents that it hopes would be helpful to its case. The prosecution invites the Court to expand the holding of [i]Sanchez[/i] to cover these items without a showing that they even exist, let alone that they are in the possession of Mr. Jackson’s cousel. There is no case law to support such an interpretation of [i]Sanchez[/i]. pg5 | pg6 of .pdf

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