Letters Between Geragos and Dickerman Show No Theft of Property

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Letters between Mark Geragos and Bill Dickerman (one of the accusing family’s attorneys during that time). If you remember, there were issues about property the accusing family wanted to store while they looked for another house. After it was clear that they weren’t going to get a house from Jackson, in comes Dickerman claiming that the family’s belongings were stolen by Jackson’s people The correspondence between Geragos and Dickerman shows that not only was Jackson NOT trying to keep the family’s stuff, but movers tried to deliver this stuff back to them and was refused. They didn’t even want to continue to pay for storing this stuff, nor did they want to keep it like prosecutors claim. ____________________________________________________ From Mark Geragos to Bill Dickerman Dated May 15 2003:

Thank you for your letter dated May 12 2003, in which you correclty note that movers appeared at your office on April 24 2003, to deliver property you claim belongs to your client. You also correctly note that “the movers left nothing at my premesis.” As you know, the reason nothing was left was that your landlord refused delivery of the items because you had failed to advise them that you were expecting the delivery (See April 24 2003 email from _____________ Dickerman, Bill) Since it appears that you are not equipped nor willing to receive the property at your office, we suggest that a simple manner in which to resolve this situation is for your client to assue the $100/month charge for the rental units in which the property is being stored. Please advise me at your earliest convenience as to whether your client will accept this reasonable offer. pg 14

_________________________________________________________ From Mark Geragos to Bill Dickerman dated May 17 2003:

Thank you for your histrionic letter dated May 15 2003. Beyond your bluster and personal attacks, please remember that you have a duty to resolve this matter in the most efficient manner possible. In that regard, please advise us as to whether your clients will accept our offer that they assume payment on the two storage lockers. As to your request for an inventory of the property, our offer allows your clients immediate possession of all their property, period. We will waste no further time or resources of our client. You have caused us the unnecessary expense of one delivery attempt and we will not waste additional funds for the sole purpose of placating you. Lastly, please be advised that in the event your cleints (1) refuse to assume the payments on the storage lockers, or (2) fail to promptly remove the property therein, the property may ultimately be subject to action by the storage facility.

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