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[b]Michael Jackson Gives DNA Sample[/b] by Paul Cashmere 6 December 2004 Time is quickly running out for Michael Jackson’s accusers to gather their evidence to proceed with the case. To expedite their claims, authorities conducted a further raid on the Neverland Ranch in an attempt to gather more legal ammunition to use as evidence against the superstar. On Friday, sheriff’s deputies from Santa Barbara County once again raided Jackson’s home. Jackson left with his children by helicopter to avoid his children being traumatized by the raid but returned the following day to give DNA samples. It is not yet clear why the DNA was required. The latest raid is signaling a weak defense from Jackson accusers. For starters, a DNA sample is something that should have been gathered much earlier during the investigation if really required. Jackson’s home was first raided on November 18, 2003. More than a year later, the sheriff’s office is still looking for something that may prove their case against Jackson on charges of child molestation. [b]The case for Jackson is also getting stronger. The mother of the boy is being questioned for fraud for allegedly being on welfare while he then boyfriend (and now husband) was earning $80,000 a year.[/b] Jackson is due to stand trial on January 31, 2005. Source:

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