More Disgusting Leaks from a Frightened Set of Desperate Prosecutors – MB#236

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More Disgusting Leaks from a Frightened Set of Desperate Prosecutors – MJEOL Bullet #236 JAN 13 2005 — Just when you thought prosecutors in the Michael Jackson “case” couldn’t get any worse, they go and surprise you. After leaking sealed court documents to a website, someone has now leaked testimony from the grand jury transcripts; three guesses as to who it was. After being handed somewhat of a defeat yesterday (Jan 12 2005) by the judge–who ruled that prosecutors will have to stand or fall on this current “case” alone for the time being–now comes more back-alley leaks. This time to ABC News. Cynthia McFadden is reporting that she was allowed to read the grand jury transcripts and she even reports some of the testimony from the one-sided process where there are no defense attorneys to offer up cross-examination. For the record, during the grand jury process, there are no defense attorneys, there are no probative questions concerning the truthfulness of the allegations being made, and there is no judge to keep his hands around the throat of prosecutors to keep them from lying or allowing others to lie on the stand. The nonsense that was allowed to go on during the grand jury process was discussed in a previous 3-part MJEOL Bullet. This is pure and utterly disgusting jury pool tainting at it’s finest. These set of prosecutors are so incredibly desperate to convict Jackson that they actually have the gall to try this non-existent “case” in the media like a bunch of wimpy-ass cry babies; afraid to actually take their medicine in a court of law and have their “witnesses” face Jackson’s attorneys’ blistering cross-examination. Some observers who have commented on this leak say that the defense could very well ask for the “case” to be thrown out as a result of the prosecution deliberately trying to bias a possible jury. And no, there is no longer any question as to what prosecutors are trying to do now. The prosecutorial misconduct is now more than obvious. Jackson’s laser-like focus and steely resolve makes him want to see this case through, and to possibly prepare to dole out some legal punishment of his own against these prosecutors and their media co-conspirators. Prosecutors can’t seem to face this. Reportedly, there was some talk weeks ago that Jackson and his attorneys basically laughed in the face of prosecutors for offering a plea bargain. It was flatly refused, says the published report. What is blatantly obvious, however, is how the stories from the accusing family differ in some way from what they told police and prosecutors in the docs leaked to the Court tv backed website recently. Still, other observers wonder if the prosecution has any “case” left at all since they feel the need to break court orders, and leak the grand jury transcripts, police interviews and other documentation solely focusing on their side of the “case”. This leak also comes as late word from sources around Geraldine Hughes–the author of the book Redemption: The Truth Behind the Michael Jackson Molestation Allegations–are reporting that the 1993 accuser is not cooperating with prosecutors at all. And the reason why is because he has actually been “defending Michael’s innocence to anyone that tries to say otherwise.” He may not even be standing by the allegations which, some say, his father forced him to make against Jackson 11 years ago. She says that if the 1993 “accuser” is forced to testify, “he will confess what really happened (or didn’t happen) in 1993” say her sources. This could be why prosecutors have gone on a full media attack by basically handing over their entire “case”–or non-case–to the media. Giving credence to his “mad dog” nickname, prosecutor Tom Sneddon–and “his merry band of crooks”, joke some observers–has pursued this case as if he has no sense at all. HumÂ…how do you deal with a mad dog anyway? You could force him to retire in shame. That may be what Jackson and his attorneys now plan to do. Don’t cry for mad dog though. Maybe they all can get together and create a new sitcom: Desperate Prosecutors. Stay tuned as further details emerge. -MJEOL

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