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_ [Jackson]: ‘Rush Hour’ Star, Director to Testify Thursday, January 13, 2005 By Roger Friedman I’m told that Michael Jackson’s defense has subpoenaed at least three people in the film business as character witnesses. “Rush Hour” director Brett Ratner and star Chris Tucker — both of whom had a lot of contact with Jackson’s accuser and his family — are the top two names who will come to court to help Jackson. The family spent time on the set of “Rush Hour 2” in the first three months of 2001. Ratner has already said in this column that the boy in the case was something of a smarty-pants and was no pushover. He will no doubt give those observations on the stand. Tucker had even more contact with the family, flying with them back and forth to Miami on his private plane in February 2003 to see Jackson. The return trip, with Jackson, is the one in which Jackson allegedly licked the boy’s head and drank wine in soda cans and shared it with the boy. Tucker may be used to refute those claims if they’re brought into evidence by the prosecution. Tucker also figures in the case because his girlfriend and the mother of his son, who also may have been subpoenaed, actually watched the kids in the family when their mother was on dates or shopping, according to my sources. As an impartial witness, the woman could provide crucial testimony. (She does not know Michael Jackson, I am told.) She was also present when the family was interviewed by Los Angeles County Child Protective Services. Also subpoenaed to help Jackson is his longtime friend Bryan Michael Stoller, director of the “Miss Cast Away,” a film released on DVD that features Jackson. Stoller told me yesterday that despite no chain stores taking “Miss Cast Away,” he’s sold 30,000 copies on his Web site, misscastaway.com. Stoller may be one of several witnesses to testify about his knowledge of Jackson’s pursuit of women, a subject that — albeit incredible — could turn out to be riveting. Source: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,144247,00.html (copy and paste url)

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