Outrage Over Media Irresponsibility – MJJF Jackson fans sound off

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (LONG FORM) LOS ANGELES, CA, 1/12/05 Outrage Over Media Irresponsibility Michael Jackson fans from around the globe expressed shock over what they consider to be the disregard of the judicial process by various media outlets: The Smoking Gun, ABC, Court TV, VH-1, and E! Entertainment Television Network. The fans believe that these outlets are releasing and/or producing inflammatory material aimed at polluting the jury pool in Santa Maria, California — the place where Michael Jackson will ultimately face trial. The fans that discuss the case at MJJForum.com — one of the largest internet discussion forums with more than 6,000 members, conveyed dismay, particularly over The Smoking Gun website and VH-1 Music Television. Patricia Brown, President of MJJForum.com: “Michael Jackson fans are in a state of disbelief at certain media outlet attempts to disrupt the judicial process in the case of People v. Jackson. The majority of fans equate what is going on in the media to The Salem Witch Hunt Trials.” Further, “The Smoking Gun website released their summary of sealed court documents for public dissemination three weeks before jury selection is to begin. This is tantamount to jury tampering. In our opinion, it is a direct violation of Michael Jackson’s rights to a fair trial.” A fan on MJJForum stated “One disturbing trend in high stakes litigation is the attempt to provide information about a case to potential jurors outside the protections of the courtroom. In its crudest form, efforts to provide extra judicial information to jurors are criminal. It is known as jury tampering. All such efforts, crude and sophisticated alike, tend to undermine the integrity of the judicial system. It appears that the media are being used or are a contributing factor in influencing the jury pool.” Dr. KC Arceneaux, Ph.D., MJ Case Exhibit Researcher for LynchingMJ.com, and leading authority on The Michael Jackson case states, “The leaks and prejudicial “news” coverage of the Michael Jackson case continues unabated, to the extent that anyone who has not realized that this is a high-tech lynching is simply not paying attention. The mainstream media coverage of this case has been so biased that journalistic integrity has set a new, and lower, standard. What has NOT been reported, or has been glossed over and all but buried? That Thomas Sneddon, the DA prosecuting the case, has a history of lawsuits against him for malicious prosecution and for numerous other civil rights violations. I am not aware of any of these cases that he has won. That this is the THIRD time that the mother of the boy accuser has made accusations of sexual abuse. The first was against J.C. Penney security guards, and won her a six figure settlement. Another was an accusation made against her ex-husband. And now Michael Jackson. The accusations against Jackson are the second time she has accused someone of kidnapping (the first was her ex-husband in a bitter divorce dispute). This is either a trend of almost supernaturally bad luck, or there is something very different, and very obvious, going on. But yet, the media continue to present rumors and tabloid material as if they were the truth. In my opinion, the leakages and slanted coverage have so tainted this case that it is an embarrassment for the judicial system in this country that the Jackson case is going to trial. A fair trial is no longer possible for Michael Jackson. On the VH-1.com website, a promotion for an up and coming special on Jackson, labeled the entertainer as a “fascinating freak-show,” ” bizarre, pathetic” and a “self-made mutant.” The music channel promises to explore the conditions that “have conspired to make Michael the predatory man-child portrayed in the press.” E! Entertainment Television plans to air reenactments of the trial itself to be aired 5 times a day, starting January 31st, 2005. The ABC Network released the leaked Grand Jury Testimony of the current accuser. Court TV recently released the 1993 psychiatric interview of Michael Jackson’s first accuser. Court TV also released that the network will air a special on the “psychological state of Michael Jackson.” Jury selection is slated to begin January 31st 2005. In response to the onslaught of perceived media bias against the entertainer, Michael Jackson’s fans are planning various actions such as boycotting the sponsors of Court TV, VH-1, and E! Entertainment Television. Source: http://www.mjjforum.com

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