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[b] A Shameful Display: Media Hypocrisy In Action[/b] Written by The Cutting Edge Thursday, 13 January 2005 [i]=========================================== [b]Amendment I[/b] Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. ==========================================[/i] The hypocrisy of the media never ceases to amaze me. On one hand, they and the lawyers who represent them complain about how Judge Rodney Melville, the presiding judge over the Michael Jackson, is hindering their ability to report the facts of the case because of the strict gag order and the filing of motions under seal. We get soapbox preachers like media lawyer Theodore Boutrous who has bitched and moaned like a little E! reality show prima donna, crying that the media’s First Amendment rights to free press are being stalled. On the other hand, these same persons who clamor for the right to report as much information about the case as possible are the very same folks who intentionally omit pertinent facts from their “news segments” and “articles” that would challenge the charges against Jackson. Instead, these responsible journalists report the most salacious and fallacious innuendo that will make Jackson out to be an even bigger freak than he is already portrayed. Tonight on Prime Time Live, we will get another big dose of jury tainting from ABC. So much for fair and balanced reporting. The psychological warfare that the “Dark Side” in Santa Barbara has used thanks to an all-to-willing media is beyond disgusting. The two have cavorted together from day one, giving head time to tabloid hacks like Mike Walker of the National Enquirer and using him to leak details of the case in an effort to make Jackson look bad. The latest attempt, the massive leaking of grand jury testimony is a clear violation of the gag order but you will never hear that spineless sniveling coward of a judge presiding over the case say anything. He knows the game that Sneddon plays with the media and the media also obliges. It’s all about ratings and money. The media, ever eager to make a little money, get a little attention, and feed into the “Michael Jackson is a sick pedophile” mold they have sculpted over the last year, had no problem glossing over the CLEAR contradictory comments and claims from The Smoking Gun leak last week about the accuser’s allegations of sexual abuse. Now with the leaking of grand jury testimony from the accuser spreading like wildfire, Jackson is caught in a public relations crossfire that is painting a jury pool polluted with each waking day. Yet the media swears up and down that it has the right to free press. They can read the Constitution, they can file motions to get into the courtroom for all the drama but are too lazy themselves to actually sit their asses down and READ the motions. Had they done this much, half the junk being passed off as “damaging to the defense” would never have sprouted wings and flown. But with “journalists” like prosecution Girl Friday Diane Dimond, we are treated to only half the story. Speaking of Ms. Dimond, it is “reporters” like her, ever eager to make up for a lack of formal training or education, whose feet run swiftly to whatever angle will score them big bucks and big ratings. Not simply content to report a story, the Court TV Mattress for the Prosecution wants to BE the story as she is allegedly intent on writing a book about Jackson. Ah, now I see why the media has such a dilemma in reporting as objectively as possibly. Dimond is merely following in the footsteps of other so-called journalists who care more about fattening their bank accounts and getting more face time on TV than they do about upholding the ethics of their profession. My question is how can one be objective about the Jackson case when he or she is planning to write a book about it? How can we expect folks like Dimond to give us the facts when she is clearly aligned with the “Dark Side” in Santa Barbara? Honestly, I don’t trust the media or journalists one damn bit, except for the ones I know personally and whose work clearly exhibits a smidgen of common sense and an honest attempt at even-handedness. Nor am I fooled by faux legal weasels like Dan Abrams whose teeth may be the brightest thing he has. Abrams is the apex of judicial ignorance, consistently ignoring the parts of motions that do not fit his presumption of Jackson’s guilt. And this man has a law degree. God, please help Your people! Combating the problem of media hypocrisy is difficult, but that doesn’t mean that those who have a problem with media hypocrisy should stay silent. We cannot sit by and allow ourselves to be force-fed a bunch of tabloid garbage. Someone needs to remind these Constitution-waving hypocrites that with great power comes great responsibility. Those who care anything about truth will find ways to express their own ideas and opinions while at the same time, slamming the irresponsible element of the media. Tonight, a number of readers will have that chance when Crime Time Lies sullies the airwaves with lies from the prosecution. Are you scared yet? Good. Now what the hell are you going to do about this nonsense? That’s up to you. Source: http://www.ladiesandgents.net/mjcasecom/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=37&Itemid=46

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