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Woman Claims Jackson Fathered — and Took — Her Twins January 13, 2005 Just when you thought Michael Jackson’s life couldn’t get any more complicated, “CJ” has obtained court documents filed by a woman claiming the King of Pop is himself a pop — as in a father — againÂ… and again! In court papers, 36-year-old Sholeh Bocchelli is claiming Jackson is the father of her two newborn sons, Isaiah Jackson and Jeanpierre Jackson, born this past November 26th in Los Angeles and — she says — conceived through in-vitro fertilization. Bocchelli can be seen in videotape taken in September looking visibly pregnant; “CJ” has been told Bocchelli was talking to her doctor at Anaheim General Hospital. Bocchelli implies that the babies are actually with Jackson at his Neverland ranch in the Santa Ynez valley. Jackson already has three children, two by former nurse Debbie Rowe, and another boy by an as-yet unknown mother the boy. Bocchelli wants custody, visitation and child support, claiming in the papers that Jackson “has not provided me access to the children. He initially was calling every day, to advise me about their condition, but the calls stopped after New Year’s.” She adds, “I need immediate access to my children.” “CJ” spoke to Sholeh’s two half-brothers, who expressed shock over the claim, saying this is the first they’ve heard of her being pregnant, adding that they believe she has no other kids. “I’m very surprised,” said one. “I don’t believe it; it sounds too fake. It’s not something that would happen,” added the other. So who is Sholeh Bocchelli? Her court papers say she’s a single, aspiring actress, unemployed since 2003, who gets $630 dollars a month in public assistance. The documents show she studied at Howard Fine Acting in Los Angeles. Fine himself confirmed she studied at the school. The stunner: Fine says he believes she appeared pregnant at one time but that — he says — was two or three years ago. In her documents, Bocchelli says she wants the court to know that, “Up until this past August, Jackson was providing [her] $3,000 cash per month.” She claims that, since then, Jackson’s payments have stopped completely and she has, “been surviving on loans from family.” As for response from the Jackson camp, their official statement repeats one made in August about rumors Jackson was having four babies with a surrogate. Back then he said, “I have personally suffered though many hurtful lies and references … as well as the latest untruth about me fathering quadruplets.” On Thursday, they added, “We stand by our previous statements. There is no truth to this accusation.” Sholeh Bocchelli was the woman originally linked to the quadruplets story. Some theorize the boys mentioned in her legal papers are two of the surviving quadruplets. Source: http://celebrityjustice.warnerbros.com/news/0501/13a.html

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