Lady claiming Jax twins troubled – Court papers show she’s made claims before

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[b]Lady claiming Jax twins troubled[/b] BY MICHELE CARUSO WEST COAST BUREAU CHIEF The woman who says she gave birth to twins fathered by pop star Michael Jackson is an alleged stalker who previously lied about being pregnant with twins, court records show. Sholeh Bocchelli, 36, appeared on “The Insider” TV show, alleging she surrendered twin baby boys to Jackson, 46, shortly after giving birth Nov. 26. Jackson’s rep denies he fathered or acquired any children from the aspiring actress, but Bocchelli, who goes by several names, insisted on the show yesterday that Jackson take a DNA test to prove paternity. Santa Monica Superior Court documents uncovered by the Daily News reveal that a Beverly Hills chiropractor won a restraining order against Bocchelli, who was then using the name Sholeh Salamipour, after she flipped out when he stopped dating her in 2001. In a sworn declaration, chiropractor Farzad Rabbany said Bocchelli falsely claimed to be “pregnant with twins” by him, falsely accused him of rape and twice attempted suicide after he broke off their relationship. Rabbany also said someone “slashed open” the top of his convertible car after he’d received a threatening phone call from Bocchelli’s cousin. “During our brief relationship, she showered me with gifts and said, ‘I’m trying to buy your love,'” Rabbany wrote. “She drives to my office every night and sleeps in her car out front in order ‘to feel close to me,'” the declaration stated. “The defendant has a long history of mental illness … . I am concerned for my safety because of the defendant’s mental instability and threatening behavior. The defendant informed me she has access to a gun,” his declaration said. The court ordered Bocchelli to stay away from Rabbany on May 15, 2001. Originally published on January 15, 2005 Source:

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