Motion for Order Allowing Individual Sequestered Voir Dire of Jurors (pg3) 2. The grand jury transcripts were released on “Primetime Live” on ABC television and excepts have been reported in worldwide news reports. On the January 13 2005 edition of “Primetime Live,” “journalists” read the parts of the persons testifying and asking questions, as if they were actors. The “journalists” even played the role of the prosecutor in making the closing argument. 3. These leaks, timed just before the jurors are to report to the courthouse, seem calculated to have the most significant impact. Whether they were actually released by the prosecution or law enforcement or, even if they were purloined by those who support the prosecution, the impact is devastating. Prior to the leaks, it would have been hard enough to obtain a fair and impartial jury. Now the attainability of that goal, under any circumstances, may be impossible. 4. Therefore, sequestered voir dire of each potential juror, one at a time, is necessary to assess the nature and extent of the damage caused by this leak. This is the only reasonable way to attempt to save the present jury pool, otherwise it would be necessary to discharge the members subject to this pool and to continue the case until the prejudicial effect of these leaks is dissipated. ____________________________________________________ (pg 4) Now that the prejudicial information contained in the transcripts have been released, Mr. Jackson’s right to a fair trial is in jeopardy. It is too late to simply admonish jurors not to expose themselves to media coverage of the case. :nav Motion for Order Allowing Individual Sequestered Voir Dire of Jurors

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