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Airhead Journalism: NBC Strikes Again tHe cUttInG eDgE Geraldo Rivera made the morning talk show rounds this morning, appearing on both NBC’s Today Show as well as CBS’ Morning Show in order to promote and discuss his recent sit-down interview with Michael Jackson. The CBS interview with Hannah Storm was fairly straightforward with the usual “didn’t Jackson see that he opens himself up to this stuff” nonsense expected from lazy interviewers and talking heads. In addition, Storm’s impatience with Rivera’s dogged support for Jackson was quite obvious as Rivera countered her every question with facts and his questions about the credibility of the accuser and his family. As annoying as Storm was, however, she had nothing on Katie Couric. The oft-dubbed “Queen of Perky,” Couric did what was expected of any NBC faux journalist and media head: she talked over the person who clearly contradicted an already assumed position on the case. On several occasions, Couric rudely attempted to drown out Rivera as he pointed out the obvious logical fallacies of Tom Sneddon’s paper thin case against Jackson. Real professional, Katie. One of their more ridiculous exchanges took place when, after Rivera told Couric that, based on his thirty-five years as a lawyer, his examination of all the grand jury testimony, as well as his own private but thorough investigation of the charges against Jackson, there was no way Jackson was guilty. Poor little Katie’s spirits and expression fell faster than Carole Lieberman’s face after botox treatment as she digested Rivera’s comments. Of course, we can understand Couric’s response. After all, the very thought of journalists reporting facts and basing their opinions on careful research and investigation and not solely on the word of an alleged morally compromised adulteress who spins stories for her alleged lover is simply too much to ask overpaid cosmetically altered talking heads who are fed their questions from on high. More interesting, Rivera made sure to take other journalists to task for not following his lead and doing their own investigation. Perhaps if they had, they’d shut those pie holes and find better and more credible stories to write… :nav Read Full Commentary at The CuttingEdge Website… :popcorn

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