Developing: Detectives on Defense Witness list, Relatives of Accuser to testify

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Interesting late developments in the Michael Jackson “case”. Reports are flying that at least two, maybe more, detectives are on the defense witness list. Reportedly, these officers were taken off the investigation of the “case” against Jackson when they thought there wasn’t enough reason to continue the investigation against Jackson. [b]amit1234 Today, 07:13 PM[/b] at MJJF

I’m not sure if this has been mentioned but on The Abrams Report, Mike Taibbi mentioned that two Santa Barbara police officers who did the investigation from Feb. 2003-April 2003 (where the entire family denied the very notion of sexual abuse – case closed) were taken off the case and “re-assigned” to a different case once the family changed their story. I can’t confirm this but I think Taibbi mentioned how those two officers were on the Defense’s witness list.

[b]Obiechena Feb 14 2005, 07:10 PM at MJJF[/b]

Is there absolutely NO ONE who caught that? Oh well. I guess I’ll have to watch the repeat showing to be certain that I heard correctly. I swear I heard Mike Taibbi saying that there were two investigators (from the Sheriff’s department??) who were taken off the case. He was speaking about this in relation to the family members of the accuser who he says are on the defense’s list and will speak to the family’s true motivations in this case.

[b]Agent M Today, 07:19 PM at MJJF[/b]

I caught it. He said there were 2 former investigators that were kicked off the Santa Barbara police department (I think) because they didn’t think there was reason enough to continue the investigation against Michael. Taibbi said they were sent to work at other departments because of it. I’m not sure if he said they were from 93 or for the current case.

Stay tuned for further information. :shock

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