Kobe, Liz, Leno Among the Names on Jackson’s List

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[b]Kobe, Liz, Leno Among the Names on Jackson’s List[/b] February 14, 2005 Michael Jackson won’t be the only celebrity jurors see at the Santa Maria courthouse. The defense definitely did some namedropping when it released its list of potential witnesses Monday. Kobe Bryant, Stevie Wonder, Elizabeth Taylor, Diana Ross, Quincy Jones, Nick Carter and even magician David Blaine were all named Monday in court as potential witnesses for the defense. “Rush Hour” star Chris Tucker and “Tonight Show” host Jay Leno are also on the list. The stars all have a connection to the case through Hollywood’s Laugh Factory, where stars were recruited to help Jackson’s accuser when he was first diagnosed with cancer back in 2000. “Celebrity Justice” Executive Producer and attorney Harvey Levin says Jackson’s team is hoping the witnesses paint an unflattering picture of the boy’s mom. “The mother we’re told was telling a lot of people, including celebrities, he needed his medical bills covered when in fact all of those bills were covered by insurance. The defense is going to try and show that this woman roped a lot of big celebrities in under false pretenses trying to get money and support out of them.” But why is Lakers star Kobe Bryant on the list? His name turned up in documents from a 2001 interview with the mother that “CJ” obtained last year. In them, the accuser’s mother is quoted as saying Kobe Bryant, Michael Jackson and other celebrities “are helping herÂ… They are our friends.” “The mother had boasted that Kobe Bryant was among the celebrities that were part of her world,” Levin says. “She’s namedropping in a big way and frankly that may not sit well with the jury.” Jay Leno’s people tell “CJ” they doubt he will be called to testify. Source: [url]http://celebrityjustice.warnerbros.com/news/0502/14a.html[/url]

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