MJEOL Bullet #245 Preview

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MJEOL Bullet #245 Preview: Feb 15 2005 — The defense witness list became known during yesterday’s (Feb 14 2005) session of court where jury selection continued in the Michael Jackson “case”. The reported 370 people on the list mostly are not celebrities, but it does included the likes of Kobe Bryant, CBS’s Ed Bradley and Fox news’s Rita Cosby. There were previous reports that George Lopez, Chris Tucker, Brett Ratner and Bryan Michael Stoller were also on the defense’s list. The importance of these people in relation to this “case” is very obvious to those who have been following this “case”. But apparently most of the mainstream media is stuck on stupid. Newsflash: Just because favorite pundit and law professor Laurie Levenson doesn’t know of their importance, it doesn’t mean that there’s no adequate reason for their names to be on the defense’s list. When does that lady have time to teach a class? But I digress. The media just doesn’t seem to want to ever ask one question of import about why so many well-known people are on the defense’s witness list. They prefer to mock, ridicule and question the defense’s motives. Thus, making them appear more out of touch with what’s going on in this “case” than some ever would have realized. There will be some who can testify to Jackson’s character. There may be some famous friends who were at Jackson’s Neverland ranch at the times when prosecutors are alleging a conspiracy/kidnapping. While others are independent, 3rd party witnesses who have a history with helping the accusing family financially and who may have been the unknowing victims of fraud. Stay tunedÂ… -MJEOL

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