Defense Witness List Full of Scammed Celebs & Key Witnesses? – MJEOL Bullet #245

Defense Witness List Full of Scammed Celebs & Key Witnesses? – MJEOL Bullet #245 Witnesses may be able to testify as to what the family was really doing during the prosecution’s timeline while others may have been the victims of fraud by this family The defense witness list became known during a Feb 14 2005 session of court where jury selection continued in the Michael Jackson “case”. The reported 370 people on the list are mostly not celebrities, but the media on;y seemed to picked up on the recognizable names. Their list It does include the likes of Kobe Bryant, CBS’s Ed Bradley and Fox news’s Rita Cosby. The defense has recently amended the list to include another 13 witnesses. There were previous reports that George Lopez, Chris Tucker, Brett Ratner and Bryan Michael Stoller were also on the defense’s list. Other new names include Jay Leno, whose disgustingly ridiculous, juvenile and defamatory comments and failed jokes about Jackson may not be enough to get the moron out of being dragged into this “case”. The importance of these people in relation to this “case” is very obvious to those who have been following it. But apparently most of the mainstream media is stuck on stupid. Here’s a newsflash to the media: Just because you aren’t aware of certain facts in the “case”, it doesn’t mean that there’s no adequate reason for some of these peoples’ names to be on the defense’s list. The media just doesn’t seem to want to ever ask one question of import about why so many well-known people are on the defense’s witness list. They prefer to mock, ridicule and question the defense’s motives. Thus, making them appear more out of touch with what’s going on in this “case” than some ever would have realized. Certain pundits, tv lawyers and talk show hosts don’t seem to have a clue as to why some of these people’s names are on the defense’s witness list. Yes, it appears there will be some who can testify to Jackson’s character. There may have even been some famous friends who were at Jackson’s Neverland ranch at times when the accusing family was also there. Others may be people Jackson spent time with at the time prosecutors are claiming he was with the family. While others are independent witnesses who have a history with helping the accusing family, and whose testimony could be crucial irrespective of how they personally feel about Jackson.

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