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In a defense court filing overlooked by most in the media from November 2004, the defense has evidence that checks from the Los Angeles County of over $700.00 were cashed during the time the mother now claims they were held hostage/kidnapped/kept away from people. Could this be the Welfare payments made to the mother? And if she was still receiving welfare checks from LA County and getting money from all these various celebrities, including Jackson, could this be further evidence of welfare fraud on top of defrauding a number of celebrities? This could be very powerful evidence proving that the family is lying about a conspiracy and about being kidnapped/held hostage at Neverland. The following is an except from the defense motion:

24. Mr. Jackson seeks records of the complaining witnesses American Express credit card. {5 lines of redacted info} 25. Attached as Exhibit “C” and “D” are copies of two (2) checks from the County of Los Angeles made out to _______________. The first check (Exhibit “C”) is dated January 2 2003, in the amount of $769.00, and was cashed ________________ on January 2 2003, the same day the check was issued. {redacted info} 26. {5 lines of redacted info}. That American Express card is also the means by which the funds collected by Fritz Coleman and others are expended. 27. But the second check (Exhibit “D”) is ___________________ a check dated February 19 2003, in the amount of $769.00 from the County of Los Angeles ______________. It was ____________ cashed through _______________ bank account on February 24 2003, right in the middle of the alleged child abduction, false imprisonment, and extortion. {3 lines of redacted info} (pg 8-9)

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