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Pellicano – The Investigator

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Redemption by Geraldine Hughes (Excerpt)

2.5 Pellicano – The Investigator

…Convinced of Michael Jackson’s innocence, Mr. Pellicano worked around the clock, collecting evidence to be used at the trial which was scheduled for March 21 1994.

It was Mr. Pellicano that produced a tape recorded conversation between Dr. Chandler and Mr. Schwartz [the 1993 accuser’s stepfather] in which Dr. Chandler admitted he was getting ready to execute a master plan which was going to destroy Michael Jackson if he didn’t get what he wanted. The media played the tape recorded conversation all over the world.

Even with this critical piece of evidence in Dr. Chandler’s own voice, the police did not take the extortion charges seriously. Even in the face of this, Mr. Pellicano continued to compile evidence to aid in Michael Jackson’s defense.

…At a press conference on August 24 1993, Pellicano stated that the allegations of child molestation were the result of a failed twenty million dollar extortion attempt. He specifically stated that because Michael Jackson refused to pay the twenty million dollars, his refusal resulted in child molestation allegations being launched.

I documented the last meeting between Mr. Pellicano and Mr. Rothman [the accuser’s first attorney] in my diary, which took place in Mr. Rothman’s office on Friday, August 13 1993. Mr. Pellicano stormed out of the office saying, “no way.” That following Tuesday, August 17 1993, Dr. Chandler took his son to see the psychiatrist who reported the child molestation allegations to the authorities.

What if Michael Jackson had agreed to pay the twenty million dollars? Would Dr. Chandler not have taken his boy to the psychiatrist? Could the visit to the psychiatrist in some way be a part of their plan? Make a mental note about this point which will be discussed in detail later on.

…The highlights of the extortion case were the sophisticated investigation work done by Mr. Pellicano’s office. It was Mr. Pellicano’s office that secured the audio taped conversation between Mr. Schwartz and Dr. Chandler and later the recorded conversation between Mr. Pellicano and Mr. Rothman. Mr. Pellicano also interviewed numerous child witnesses that were close to Michael Jackson and who had spent time at his ranch.

They included children that had also spent the night at sleep-overs and had also shared Michael Jackson’s bed. None of whom reported any wrongdoing by Michael Jackson — only good clean fun, which included pillow fights, food fights, and pajama parties, and other childlike games. Mr. Pellicano was later criticized for his efforts and accused of, “trying this case in the media.”

…I telephoned Mr. Pellicano and asked why he left the case. He told me he did not agree with the direction in which Mr. Weitzman was taking the case. He vehemently disagreed with the idea of settling with Dr. Chandler. He was angry at the thought of settlement and was fully convinced that if Michael Jackson would fight this out in court he would be exonerated. He further stated that he would have nothing to do with the settlement of this case. It was obvious that Mr. Pellicano was extremely angry and somewhat dismayed at the new direction in which the case was heading.

He was genuinely upset that Dr. Chandler might get away with these charges and not be held responsible for his actions. Mr. Pellicano blatantly refused to pay what many felt was an extortion demand.

Mr. Pellicano never backed down from his opinion that this case was about extortion. He stated for the record in court documents that, “I have made statements to the effect that Dr. Evan Chandler and Barry Rothman are extortionists, because in my opinion that is exactly what they are.” (pgs 59-61)


from Redemption: The Truth Behind the Michael Jackson Child Molestation Allegations by Geraldine Hughes *You can purchase the book at Wal-Mart too!

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