SBSD Warned DCFS to Stay Away from Family During Timeline? – MB #248

SBSD Warned DCFS to Stay Away from Family During Timeline? – MJEOL Bullet #248 New details about the accusing family along with social workers who appear on the defense witness list FEB 25 2005 — With opening statements set to begin Monday, Feb 28 2005, truly stunning and suspicious new details in the Michael Jackson so-called “case” have come out recently. And we’re not talking about the hackneyed media terms here. These are really huge bombshells. Two reports, one from NBC’s Mike Taibbi and another from Celebrity Justice (CJ) provide much more insight into the accusing family’s past and the goings-on of this “case” before it materialized. The Taibbi report talks about the accuser’s past history of accusing his mother of abuse. No, that’s not a typo. Apparently, in the past, the accuser broke down to a teacher and said that his mother was beating him. The teacher, being a mandatory child abuse reporter, contacted the Dept. of Child and Family Services (DCFS). They began an investigation into the family. The boy later recanted the allegations, but it’s highly possible that this will play a huge role in illustrating how the accuser changes his stories and will speak to his credibility. More on that info will be discussed in the future (see Accuser has history of changing his story – MSNBC). Probably the more astonishing bombshell, with all sorts of implications, comes from CJ. They got their hands on information about what happened before this “case” came to fruition. According to their Feb 23 2005 article “Sheriffs Cleared Jackson before Charging Him”, a two month investigation by the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Dept (SBSD) cleared him of these molestation allegations, as reported by Mike Taibbi almost a year earlier. However, there now comes word that the sheriff’s department called child services and told them not to interview this family. This would make the second independent investigation done right during the prosecution’s timeline which has cleared Jackson of these allegations. The first investigation being the one done by LA Department of Child & Family Services (DCFS, also known as “Child Services”) and child services workers (CSW, also known as social workers).

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