New Independent Faces May Rock Jackson Case – Update #1

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[b]Breaking News: New Independent Faces May Rock Jackson Case – Update #1[/b] FEB 25 2005 — A new witness for the defense to be deposed Saturday, Feb 26 2005. This as a interesting new face shows up in court with the defense: Gary Dunlap (Dunlop). The screaming headline currently (7PM ET) on the Drudge Report says “ABCNEWS: MYSTERY WITNESS ROCKS MICHAEL JACKSON CASE” More from Drudge:

On the eve of trial, a mystery witness has emerged in the Michael Jackson case and will be deposed by both the prosecution and defense in a rare Saturday session at noon tomorrow in Los AngelesÂ……. Developing….

It came out in court today that the defense has a new witness who represented the mother during that J.C. Penney’s case where they may have lied in order to secure a $150,000 settlement reportedly in either October or November 2001. The following is the ABC News article:

[b]Mystery Witness Emerges in Jackson Case[/b] Sources: Woman Worked for Lawyer Representing Jackson’s Accuser’s Mother in Earlier Case By JIM AVILA and EILEEN MURPHY Feb. 25, 2005 — On the eve of trial, a mystery witness has emerged in the Michael Jackson case and will be deposed by both the prosecution and defense in a rare weekend session at noon Saturday in Los Angeles. ABC News has been told exclusively by sources in the case that the witness is a paralegal who worked for the attorney representing the accuser’s mother when their family sued J.C. Penney and won a $137,500 settlement in October 2001. These sources say the paralegal has claimed to the Jackson defense team that Jane Doe, as the accuser’s mother is known in court papers to protect her son’s anonymity, lied under oath and fabricated the charges against J.C. Penney security guards. According to these sources, the paralegal has alleged to the defense team that the bruises Jane Doe said were inflicted by the guards were actually perpetrated by someone else. And, they say, the paralegal claimed to the defense team that Jane Doe told her she coached her son to lie during his deposition against J.C. Penney. The defense said today in open court the mystery witness speaks directly to the heart of this case. The defense said that the witness will testify that Jane Doe lied under oath during a civil case, and lied for money. A source close to Jane Doe tells ABC News that she will vehemently deny any allegation that she lied or fabricated evidence in any way in the J.C. Penney case. Superior Court Judge Rodney S. Melville said he would review the deposition on Monday morning before opening statements in the trial. Jackson, 46, is accused of molesting a cancer patient at his Neverland ranch and plying the boy, who was then 13, with alcohol. The singer has pleaded not guilty to all charges. Source:

In court today with Jackson and his defense team was Gary Dunlap (Dunlop). Now, you may be familiar with Dunlap. There’s a bit confusion as to whether his last name is “Dunlap” or “Dunlop”. If you’ve been reading MJJF, you’d probably know him as Dunlap. Dunlap is the attorney who also says he was railroaded and conspired against by Sneddon and the Santa Barbara DA’s office. He sued the county in federal court for $10 Million dollars. The lawsuit was approved to go forward by a U.S. District Court judge back in May 2004. It is unclear if the DA’s office has settled the Dunlap case, or if they’re still in litigation. Dunlap was arrested, prosecuted and later acquitted of all felony charges brought against him by Sneddon. He alleges that the DA’s office was guilty of conspiracy, malicious prosecution, racketeering, witness tampering, defamation, and violating his civil rights.

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