Breaking News: New Lawyer with Defense Team? Update #1

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[b]Breaking News: New Lawyer with Defense Team?[/b] Update #1 FEB 25 2005 — Late breaking news out today in the Michael Jackson so-called “case”. Sources with the powerhouse fansite say that Gary Dunlap is working with Jackson’s defense team. Now, you may be familiar with Dunlap. There was a bit of confusion as to whether his last name is “Dunlap” or “Dunlop”. Some news reports and photo captions spelled his name as “Dunlop”. But sources have confirmed it is “Dunlap”. If you’ve been reading MJJF and later MJEOL, you would probably know him as “Dunlap” because that’s the info we had at the time. With that out of the way, on to the news. Dunlap is the attorney who also says he was railroaded and conspired against by Tom Sneddon and the Santa Barbara DA’s office. He sued the county in federal court for $10 Million dollars. The lawsuit was approved to go forward by a U.S. District Court judge back in May 2004. It is unclear if the DA’s office has settled the Dunlap case, or if they’re still in litigation. Dunlap was arrested, prosecuted and later acquitted of all felony charges brought against him by Sneddon. He alleges that the DA’s office was guilty conspiracy, malicious prosecution, racketeering, witness tampering, defamation, and violating his civil rights. Sound familiar? Apparently Jackson isn’t the only one who has been given the Sneddon-treatment. Dunlap, referred to in a December 5 2003 article from the Lompoc Record as Gary “Dunlap”, had more than a few choice words to say about the people who falsely prosecuted him. Sneddon and his alleged co-conspirators are now known as “defendants” in that $10 Million lawsuit. The following is from that Dec 5 article titled “Dunlap sues over arrest” by Mark Abramson:

Dunlap and his attorneys, Burbank-based Joe Freeman & Associates, have requested a jury trial to resolve the suit. The district attorney’s office conspired against Dunlap, maliciously prosecuted him, and is guilty of racketeering and witness tampering, according to the complaint. It also accuses Sneddon and his office of conducting illegal searches of Dunlap’s property, violating his civil rights and defaming him. “In fact, it is difficult, if not impossible, to discern any ethical standards on the part of the defendants; they appear to have been intellectually destitute and morally bereft during the entire sequence of events giving rise to this complaint,” according to Dunlap’s complaint. (see Dunlap sues over arrest )

Dunlap may have an incredible amount of information about both the Santa Barbara DA’s office, and about how they operate. And as the media likes to say, he may know where all the bodies are buried around both Jackson’s “case” and other cases brought against other people which lack both evidence and logic. Long before Dunlap began working with the defense team, he gave an unbelievably explosive interview with MJJF Radio. You can read a transcript and listen here: OR at MJJF’s website: This is what Sneddon may be doing right now ——-> [img][/img] [img][/img] Stay tuned to this page for updates or better yet, click over to the MJEOL forums for the latest information.

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