Leno ‘jokes’, but Jackson May get the Last Laugh – MiniBullet #13

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Leno ‘jokes’, but Jackson May get the Last Laugh – MiniBullet #13 MARCH 12 2005 — Sickening jokes from the detestable Jay ‘the chin’ Leno may have stepped over the line from being commentary/parody to being malicious. In what can only be described as one of the most disgusting displays of hateful behavior around this non-“case”, Leno has decided to publicly go after Michael Jackson; with tired-ass jokes in tow. What use to be “cute” and “funny” to some has become vicious and vindictive. There is nothing funny about child molestation in the first place, but those sick enough to find humor in it initially backed Leno. Some, however, are pulling away. Leno has taken it to a realm for which NBC may be sorry at the conclusion of this trial. And the public seems to be growing tired of it. It’s going to be made all the worse as it becomes clear to the public that Jackson is falsely accused in this “case”. And indeed as more facts come out at the trial during cross-examination by Jackson’s attorneys, more people have doubts about whether Jackson deserves to be in this situation. A number of Leno faithfuls have reached out to MJEOL to let us know that not everyone finds Leno’s alleged jokes funny. Some consider this “piling on” or “rather mindless”, and “unfunny”. Others have confessed to flipping through the channels until Leno’s monologue is finished because they think this “controversy” with Leno “has long since run its course”. And others want him to “move on” because “it’s not funny anymore.” While the judge has refused to gag Leno, it’s his jokes that have made a number of people gag. And they are made all the more ridiculous when Leno himself had a run-in with the same family he’s now using as material to maliciously go after Jackson. According to a very short defense motion “Mr. Jackson’s Opposition to Motion for Clarification that ‘Gag Order’ Does Not Apply to Jay Leno,” he was interviewed by law enforcement about this family on Feb. 9 2005 concerning this family approaching him previously. He also told the police that this family was looking for a mark and that Gavin Arvizo, the accuser, sounded “scripted” in a telephone conversation he had with Leno. From the motion:

Jay Leno is a percipient witness to the Doe family’s modus operandi of using the Doe children to solicit money from wealthy and famous people. Mr. Leno was interviewed by law enforcement on February 9 2005, and stated that he received telephone calls from Jane and John Doe. He said that they were looking for money and that the call sounded “scripted” and “coached.” He said that they were looking for a “mark” (pg 2)

This is the same man who, now nightly, intentionally makes fun of this situation in an almost hypocritical way; as if he himself didn’t have his own run-in with this family of grifters. Notice George Lopez, who may be even more of a victim of this family than Leno, isn’t trying to get around the gag order to constantly bash Jackson. Chris Tucker, also “daddy” to Gavin Arvizo at one point, isn’t trying to pull a ‘Leno’ either. So what does that say about the “fat-head”? What could end up happening is Leno’s jokes may contribute to his own future situation. Already there’s beginning to be a bit of backlash with some people who have watch him for years. Those who thought he was not funny to begin with now have made him into the butt of numerous jokes. Maybe that’s the need for Jackson bashing? Maybe he doesn’t want to be brought into court and put under oath? We’ll see how Leno deals with this “case” the more apparent the scam becomes. Or more properly, we’ll see how many jokes he has to tell if he’s called to the stand. The witnesses are successfully being challenged by the defense on enormous, pertinent, at-issue details about what they saw and did. As mentioned yesterday in MiniBullet #11 — under defense questioning in just half an hour — the accuser turned from “engaging” alleged victim, to a combative young adult with a vengeful undertone. And the defense is just getting started. Cross-examination is scheduled to continue Monday March 14 2005 and they’ll get to present their case once prosecutors rest. The accuser has already contradicted previous testimony and testimony from his brother and sister about the allegations. Fat chance of getting a joke from Leno about that. With this Leno situation, there are also questions of common decency and karma. Speaking of the latter, if Leno ever finds himself in a situation of being falsely accused of anything, I can only wish upon him the same kind of treatment he’s bestowed upon Jackson. Stay tuned. -MJEOL

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