March 14 2005 Trial Update #2

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MARCH 14 2005 (12:45PM) — The accuser is already being argumentative and unresponsive on the witness stand today. Reports say that he is being a smart aleck and has already irritated Judge Rodney Melville by not directly responding to some defense questions. Court TV’s Savannah Guthrie reported that the accuser was asked if he’d ever denied that he was molested to anyone after he had left Neverland for good. He had to admit that he twice denied abuse to a teacher after he left Neverland and before he went to civil attorney Larry Feldman. This gets into the defense’s contention that these alleged molestation allegations only surfaced after the accusing family went to Feldman, who then brought in his favorite shrink Stan Katz. Guthrie reported that the accuser was being what we would call a smart-ass on the witness stand. At one point, Mesereau asked him about a problem he had with a teacher. The accuser says that “everybody” had a problem with that teacher. But Mesereau needed answer to his question for the record. And the accuser shot back a snotty reply basically saying that if everybody had a problem with that teacher, it would also include him as well.

SAVANNAH GUTHRIE: …But you know he is getting a little bit sassy and argumentative with Tom Mesereau on the stand. Let me give you an example. HE was asked ‘Did you have a problem with a Mr. Finkelstein (sp?)?’ And he said ‘Well everyone in the class had a problem with Mr. Finkelstein’. And then [Mesereau] said, ‘Well, did you have a problem?’ And the accuser answered ‘Well if everyone had a problem, wouldn’t I be one of that everyone I just mentioned? So a little bit of sass on the stand. And also there were times when he didn’t seem to listen to the question. He started giving his own soliloquy. At one point, the judge seemed to get a little irritated with the accuser on the stand and said ‘You need to listen to the question. Don’t talk, just listen for the question, and answer this specific question yes or no’.’

So the defense is beginning to tear down the notion of a naïve little kid that prosecutors tried to paint. Even at 13, he had a long list of disciplinary problems with various people before he met Jackson. This could speak to information later showing that the accuser and his brother were a disciplinary problem even at Neverland. It could also corroborate defense witnesses who say that these kids were rowdy, disruptive, and were caught going through Jackson’s belongings and breaking into the wine cellar when he wasn’t there. Stay tuned for further details or check the topic discussion for up-to-the-minute updates.

A smiling Jackson shows up early for court today. Stay tuned to all of the latest up-to-the-minute updates about today in this topic:

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