As Accuser’s Story Falls Apart, More Excuses are Made – MiniBullet #14

As Accuser’s Story Falls Apart, More Excuses are Made – MiniBullet #14 MARCH 15 2005 — Day two of the cross-examination (cross) of Gavin Arvizo revealed so many substantial inconsistencies that pro-prosecution apologists couldn’t come up with enough excuses to explain them away. From the beginning of yesterday’s (March 14 2005) cross-examination, the accuser started off as argumentative, “petulant” and unresponsive on the witness stand. Those who were in the courtroom describe a very different accuser than the one prosecutors tried to show the jury under direct questioning. That Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde theory spoken about earlier certainly is at play under defense cross. According to published reports, more than 60 fans arrived early for court today. They undoubtedly would have also been cheering in the courtroom if that were permitted as well. Jackson attorney Tom Mesereau – with the obvious support of the defense team members Robert Sanger, Susan Yu, Brian Oxman and defense investigators – began to ask the hard questions that Sneddon had been able to hide the accuser from until now. But really, this “case” shouldn’t have ever materialized. The longer this nonsense drags on, the more disgusted one gets with writing about it because realistically, anyone else wouldn’t have been prosecuted. Maybe this is to Jackson’s advantage; a way to clear his name in the courts and in the court of public opinion. But in this specific “case”, there are TOO many things wrong with the accuser’s story, TOO many inconsistencies, TOO many contradictions, and TOO many convenient excuses for any of them to be sheer coincidence. Every crackpot — from wanna-be Jackson lawyers to commentators who simply want Jackson to be guilty no matter if the allegation is legitimate — are still acting as blind as can be about the facts coming out in court.