Jackson Had No Account with Bank of America during timeline?

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Jackson Had No Account with Bank of America during timeline? I just thought I should post this for archival purposes so people can point directly to the file and court document which states that Jackson had no active accounts with Bank of America (BOA) during the prosecution’s timeline. The prosecution and the media are all claiming that Jackson has all of these loans with BOA and other unsubstantiated rumors. Not to sound like a smart-ass, but I’d think you’d have to have an account with them in order to have a loan. Now whether or not there was a loan before or after the time period from Feb 1 2003 to April 31 2003 is unknown and really isn’t any of our business. But this is the information BOA gave to prosecutors as a result of a prosecution search warrant. The information also corresponds with what longtime Jackson manager Charles Koppelman has repeatedly told the media about this allegation. He appeared on NBC’s The Today Show to debunk this rumor over a year ago. Koppelman appeared on the show Jan 14 2004. The following is an excerpt from his interview:

Matt Lauer: So, he made a $70M payment? Charles Koppelman: No, no! There was no $70M payment due. He… Lauer: Does he have a $350 M loan with Bank of America? Koppelman: Absolutely not. (hear NBC/MSNBC Charles Koppelman, Today Show Jan 14 2004)

So I thought I’d post the info that is currently known pertaining to BOA, which came out in the court docs. >>[url=http://site.mjeol.com/modules/wfdownloads/singlefile.php?cid=18&lid=44]Supplemental Motion to Traverse Affidavits, Quash Warrants[/url]

Search Warrant 5005 requested documentation held by Bank of America pertaining to Mr. Jackson’s accounts which were active during the time frame between and including “2/1/2003 through 4/31/03 (sic).” A true and correct copy of that search warrant is attached as Exhibit A. According to a Sheriff’s Department Report,_________, of Bank of America legal compliance department, indicated that there were no active accounts for Mr. Jackson during the requested time frame. A true and correct copy of that report is attached as Exhibit B. Nevertheless, _________ sent Detective Bonner information about account activity that was outside of the requested time frame. The material faxed to the Sheriff’s Department is clearly outside of the scope of the search warrant and must be suppressed.


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