March 15 2005 Trial Update #1.5

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MARCH 15 2005 (1:30PM) –The accuser has finished cross-examination from the defense. There was a short re-direct, then the prosecution called a former detective to the stand. Under re-direct, the accuser gave the excuse that he didn’t tell Dean Alpert of any alleged “abuse” because he didn’t want other kids to find out or to tease him. The only problem with that excuse they already were teasing him, according to him. And the Dean certainly wouldn’t have broken confidentiality and posted an announcement to the school. Let’s get real here. Reportedly, some observers said that Sneddon’s re-direct of the accuser was “weak”. This street-smart, smart-aleck certainly had no problem standing up to authority figures at any point in time. He even sparred with Jackson attorney Tom Mesereau on the stand a few times. The accuser also denied that his mother was planning on filing a lawsuit against Jackson. This direct contradicts reports about what Stan Katz told the sheriff’s department. Mike Taibbi of NBC broke the story that Katz told police the family was sent to him (by attorney Larry Feldman) in preparation for lawsuit Feldman was going to file. There was also a report from the Santa Barbara News-Press quoting a family friend as saying Sneddon and the family’s attorney struck a deal not to file a lawsuit until the criminal proceedings were over. Mesereau showed the accuser pictures of a mannequin that he claimed Jackson performed sexually suggestive actions on. The mannequin reportedly had magic marker marks all over both it’s face and body. He asked the accuser if he and/or his brother vandalized that now infamous mannequin. The accuser denied it, of course. The cross examination ended with Mesereau again making the point that this family left and came back….left and came back…..left and came back to Neverland repeatedly during this prosecution-alleged kidnapping. Update: What’s worse is that Mesereau showed that they were not only in contact with Major Jay Jackson during the alleged “kidnapping”, but also in contact with LAPD officer Andrew Lassak. From a recent report:

The boy admitted that during the time his family was allegedly imprisoned at Neverland between February and March 2003 they were in touch with a Los Angeles Police Department officer, Andrew Lassak. Gavin confirmed that at no time did anyone from the Arvizo family alert the police officer to the fact they were allegedly being held against their will. (source: [url=,,19389-1527182_1,00.html],,19389-1527182_1,00.html[/url])

All of these witnesses in contact with these people? It doesn’t make sense that kidnapped people will have been in contact with NUMEROUS other people, some in law enforcement and the military. It is simply ridiculous.

Cross-examination of the accuser is to continue today. Stay tuned to this page for updates or go to this topic for up-to-the-minute updates:

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