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[b]Jackson trial focuses on fingerprints[/b] By Quintin Cushner/Staff Writer … Defense attorneys have claimed Jackson never showed the boys adult materials and that the fingerprint found may have been imprinted during a grand jury hearing where both boys testified. [b]During testimony today, Santa Barbara Superior Court clerk Alicia Romero said that she handled the exhibits without gloves after they were lodged with the court.[/b] Spinner acknowledged finding more than 700 latent prints on the material. [b]He also acknowledged that it’s impossible to place a time frame on when the prints were made. “You cannot tell when a fingerprint is left,” Spinner said.[/b] Also today Defense Attorney Brian Oxman returned to court after missing Thursday due to pneumonia. Oxman embraced Jackson’s mother, Katherine, after entering the courtroom and also hugged the defendant. … Source:

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