March 25 Trial Update #2

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MARCH 25 2005 (5:24 PM) — According to reports, today was incredibly boring with the prosecution showing every piece of adult material — all legal and heterosexual by the way — to this jury and discussing fingerprints. At this point, the only thing prosecutors have proven is that Jackson loves to look at naked women. Big shock….not. Because today’s testimony was so boring, reports say that at the end of the day when the defense got ready to start cross-examination, the judge stopped and said he couldn’t take anymore. After which, the entire courtroom broke out into laughter. Savannah Guthrie also reported that one prosecutor kinda tripped over all of what some would call overkill exhibits. And some of the jury members broke into laughter and couldn’t stop laughing. I think she called it a “giggling fit”. The judge didn’t seem upset at this and reportedly said “I like to hear laughter in the courtroom.” So I guess the headline for today is the fact that none of Jackson’s fingerprints was found on the same page as the accuser’s or his brothers.

MARCH 25 2005 (4:48 PM) — Still waiting on information about what came out during cross-examination of the prosecution’s fingerprint testimony. Aside from the fact that you cannot tell when fingerprints are left on something, one interesting fact that has already come out is that, according to Court TV, NONE of the accuser’s fingerprints and Michael Jackson’s fingerprints were found on the same page. This had been a point that pro-prosecution pundits used in previous stories about fingerprint “evidence”. Well looks like that information from previous articles and reports was wrong. The following is from a report from Savannah Guthrie March 25 2005:

Partial Transcript Show: Court TV Live – Newsbreak Air date: March 25 2005 HOST: Alright. Well how damaging would you say this evidence is because I didn’t hear you say that fingerprints from Michael Jackson and the accuser or the brother are found on the same pages. Correct? SAVANNAH GUTHRIE: Exactly. And I think we’ll hear a lot about that from the defense. They’ll point out it’s not on the same page. And you know even if it were, the defense is able to say that’s not a smoking gun. It does not show that Michael Jackson actually showed it to them. It won’t tell you when they were looked at.

According to the defense, there will be evidence that Jackson actually walked in on the accuser and his brother going through his things, snatched them away from them and put them up. Again, no word yet on whether the defense cross-examination has begun.

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