Masada’s cross-examination begins on page 4052. The cross begins with: 4052 5 BY MR. MESEREAU: 6 Q. Good morning. 7 A. Good morning, sir. 8 Q. Mr. Masada, we haven’t met. My name is Tom 9 Mesereau. I speak for Michael Jackson. 10 A. All right, sir. 11 Q. Mr. Masada, do you remember receiving a 12 phone call from an investigator for the Santa 13 Barbara District Attorney’s Office in December of 14 2003? He said his name was Tim Rooney. Do you 15 remember that? 16 A. I don’t recall it, but if he said he did, I 17 did. 18 Q. Do you remember talking to someone in 19 December, around December 9th, 2003, from the Santa 20 Barbara District Attorney’s Office? 21 A. No, I don’t recall. 22 Q. Do you remember telling this person that 23 Gavin’s parents came to you and wanted financial 24 help? He repeated, “Who asked you that?” You said, 25 “The parents”? 26 A. I meant “husband.” I never said “mother.” 27 Q. Would it refresh your recollection to show 28 you a police transcript of your — 4053 1 A. I don’t need to see the police — 2 Q. You didn’t know the phone call was being 3 recorded? :nav March 29 2005: Robert Spinner cross-examination + Masada direct and cross-examination

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