Defense Proves Welfare Fraud, Explains Alarm – MB #269

Defense Proves Welfare Fraud, Explains Alarm – MJEOL Bullet #269 MAY 27 2005 – Given that the defense and prosecution rested their cases today (May 27), we thought we should go back and look at some of the detailed facts presented to this jury. The broadcast media’s reporting of details of this case was incredibly lacking. It may be because of a lack of time. However, in comparison to the specific details reported, these talking heads definitely spent more time going over as many prosecution points they could comb out of this trial. Some of the inane, time wasting, and ridiculous arguments included discussions about what the arm band colors on Jackson’s jacket means, speculating endlessly about whether or not he will take the stand, etc. There were actual proceedings going on in that Santa Maria courtroom. You’d never know that, however, watching the talking heads whose preference is to whine about a playful photo snapped of Jackson making a face on the witness stand to the camera man during a court recess in a previous civil trial. Never mind Jackson’s broken foot at that time and his reported preference to stay in the witness box during court breaks so as not to be moved. Oh no! The public is subjected to whining and joking, instead of a full assessment of the ass-whopping the prosecution has been taking in the courtroom since the defense’s case started. Let’s focus on the details often overlooked. Coming on the heels of a reality check courtesy of Mark Geragos (we’ll get more into his testimony in a later Bullet), May 23 provided a more complete picture of the accusing family and how their “fraudulent matriarch” has systematically engaged in defrauding a number of people; setting her ‘woe-is-me’ trap to ensnare a number of celebrities and entities.