Actor Tucker testifies he set up Miami flight for Jackson’s accuser

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[b]Actor Tucker testifies he set up Miami flight for Jackson’s accuser[/b] By Quintin Cushner/Staff Writer Movie star Chris Tucker testified today that he arranged the flight to Miami for the family of Michael Jackson’s accuser to see the entertainer in February 2003. Tucker said he did so at the family’s request because they were eager to see Jackson. Santa Barbara County prosecutors have listed the flight to Miami as one of many acts in an alleged conspiracy by Jackson and his associates to abduct and falsely imprison the family. “Everybody was excited to go down there and see Michael,” Tucker said. However, when Tucker arrived in Miami, he said he warned Jackson that the family seemed suspicious to him. “I pulled Michael into a room and said, ‘You need to watch out. Be careful,” Tucker testified. Tucker said he gave this warning after the boy’s mother repeatedly referred to Jackson as like a father and to Tucker as like a brother to her children. Around this time, Tucker said, he considered giving the family a truck, but decided not to when the mother became overly emotional toward him. “I got a little suspicious. I thought I was doing too much (by giving the vehicle), so I said no,” Tucker testified. Tucker, who befriend the family when Jackson’s accuser was suffering from cancer, said he eventually because suspicious of them. He recounted the family’s behavior during their visit to a Las Vegas movie set where he was filming as one reason for his concern. Although tucker had invited the family for a few days, they ended up staying for weeks at his expense, the witness said. The accuser was disruptive on the set, Tucker said. “Everybody had to say, ‘Chris, we have a job here to do.'” Tucker said. The director of the movie and several of Tucker’s assistants complained about the family, Tucker testified. Tucker said he remains a friend of Jackson but hasn’t had a conversation with the family for about a year. He testified that he called the accuser out of the blue about a year ago and said hello to him. However, he said, the phone call was cut off after the accuser’s mother screamed for her son to get off the phone. Tucker is the last witness in the defense case, and prosecutors are expected to begin their rebuttal case later today. Jackson, 46, has pleaded not guilty to four counts of molesting the 13-year-old boy and four counts of administering alcohol to help him with the alleged lewd acts. He also has pleaded not guilty to the conspiracy charge involving abduction, false imprisonment and extortion and a count of attempted child molestation. The Santa Maria Times, following its established policy, is not identifying those who allege they were abused by Jackson, even though they are being named in court. Source:

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