May 4 2005: Pros. Rests after their Witness Distanced Jackson from Consp.

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Prosecution Rests after their Witness Distanced Jackson from Alleged “Conspiracy” MAY 4 2005 — The prosecution has rested it’s “case” today. The last prosecution witness, Rudy Provencio, is now off the stand after an intense cross-examination by Tom Mesereau. Provencio worked with Marc Schaffel and claims he overheard conference calls between Schaffel and Jackson. The prosecution called Provencio hoping to try to tie Jackson to some alleged conspiracy around the Arvizo family. However, Provencio’s testimony is sketchy and vague at best. A report from Jennifer London (MSNBC) featuring comments from Jim Moret says that the prosecution has failed to link Jackson to any criminal activity. Further, these phone calls between some of these associates appear to be related to P.R. — like the production of that Fox rebuttal documentary — and not criminal conduct. According to an Associated Press report, under cross-examination, Mesereau pointed out some major inconsistencies in the notes Provencio claims he kept during this time because he was allegedly concerned. From the report:

During cross-examination, defense attorney Thomas Mesereau Jr. challenged the authenticity of notes Provencio claimed he made while working with Schaffel. An entry dated Feb. 1, 2003, mentioned the accuser’s family and asked, “Who are these killers?” Another entry on the same date stated, “Mom’s flipping out about something.” And a Feb. 2 entry referred to plans for an interview with Jackson’s ex-wife Deborah Rowe that didn’t occur until weeks later. Provencio acknowledged he had not met the family as of Feb. 1, 2003, and said his notes were based on things he heard from others. (see Prosecution Witness Talks in Jackson Case (May 4 2005))

For weeks, Celebrity Justice (CJ) had been billing Provencio as some sort of blockbuster witness who could allegedly tie Jackson to a criminal conspiracy. Reports from the courtroom say that Provencio folded on the stand under cross-examination and at one point he admitted that the journal dates may have been written after the fact. In those much-hyped journals, Provencio was also allegedly referring to people in the first person that he had never met. CBS analyst Trent Copeland reports that Provencio implicated Marc Schaffel in everything that was going on around these people at the time. He says that is Provencio’s shady journal entries is the heart of the prosecution’s conspiracy case, then the witness — under cross-examination — has dismantled it. Copeland also made a point that many of us have been making for over a year now. If the jury can’t trust the family is telling the truth about a conspiracy, then the jury certainly isn’t going to trust that the Arvizos are telling the truth about alleged molestation. Appearing on Crier Live May 4 2005, he also say that “the prosecution is probably regretting that he was their last witness” and “he didn’t go far enough in connection Michael Jackson to this conspiracy claim.” Some analysts say that this witness, too, also ended up distancing Jackson from what was going on around that time. Further, some analysts report that the prosecution has not proven beyond a reasonable doubt that a conspiracy to commit a crime ever occurred and that the claims seem more like P.R. efforts taken by those around Jackson to rebut the hatchet job Martin Bashir did on the British “documentary”. Appearing on the Abrams Report, NBC’s Mike Taibbi commented that in lieu of the numerous taped conversations, the prosecution relied on Provencio’s memory for a lot of the information to which he testified. Observers say that these much hyped tapes and journal entries must not have been as important as some in the media previously claimed. Of Provencio’s memory, Taibbi reports that it was “jogged” only by notes Provencio “found” “two weeks ago”. From his report:

MIKE TAIBBI:Â…None of those tapes go in. None of them had anything that was useful to the prosecution. Only his memory, which by the way was jogged by notes he’d found in a storage locker two weeks ago. And he went back to the notes, his dates were wrong. So it was a difficult, final day for the prosecution.

There’s also another ridiculous argument now being made by pro-prosecution pundits who can’t wrap their heads around the fact that Jackson may be innocent. Remember, there were unfounded allegations made by the 1108 “witnesses” that Jackson molested and acted inappropriately with Mac Culkin, Wade Robson and Brett Barnes. News has come out that the defense notified prosecutors they intend to call all three young men to the stand who have all denied they were molested by Jackson. Now suddenly these same pro-prosecution pundits — who ran around screaming about “all of Jackson’s past victims” — suddenly question the relevance of their testimony. Some of these nut-jobs are trying to make the argument of “so what if Macaulay Culkin testifies”, as if his name hasn’t been used to try to convict Jackson; as if weeks ago these same know-nothing hacks weren’t screaming from the rooftops about Culkin being one of the “victims”. With the defense case set to begin tomorrow, one wonders how these same people will cover what the defense witnesses reveal in court.

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