May 5 2005: Defense witness Wade Robson on the Stand Update #3

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MAY 5 2005 (7:10 PM ET) — Brett Barnes has taken the stand today and said that he was never molested by Jackson. His testimony will continue tomorrow. Not only did Barnes deny the inferences made by the prosecution that he was molested by Jackson, but according to NBC’s Mike Taibbi, Barnes was also angry that his (Barnes’s) name was being dragged through the mud. Barnes also told prosecutors that if Jackson had molested him, he certainly wouldn’t be here testifying for the defense because, he says, “I just wouldn’t stand for it.” Some observers say that it is that kind of insulted anger — angry at being used by former employees and the prosecution — that jurors will also pick up on. Legal experts say that this type of testimony was absolutely devastating to the prosecution because not only do you have a denial, but you also have a person who was purported to be a “victim”, testifying that he wouldn’t stand for any of the nonsense that the prosecution alleged happened to him. Wade Robson also testified today that Jackson never molested him and never took a shower with him. Here in the first day of the defense’s case, we already have two of the prosecution-alleged “victims” saying nothing ever happened with Jackson. Robson completely obliterated allegations made previously by prosecution witnesses. One of the 1108 shyster witnesses claimed she saw Jackson and Robson taking a shower together. Robson has testified that it absolutely did not happen. As we knew they would, Court TV at Diane Dimond’s lead has come out of the gate spinning for the prosecution concerning Wade Robson’s devastating testimony. She spent the majority of her “report” talking about the prosecution’s cross-examination complete with dramatic pauses and all. As a matter of fact, Robson says Jackson never touched him in a sexual way at all. From a CNN report:

“Did Michael Jackson ever molest you?” defense attorney Thomas Mesereau Jr. asked. “Absolutely not,” the witness replied. “Did he ever touch you in a sexual way?” Mesereau asked. “Never, no,” he said. (see Witness Denies Jackson Molested Him)

Another fact the prosecution and their pundits have been ignoring reportedly came out through Robson’s testimony. He says that sometimes girls TOO would sleep in Jackson’s bedroom. Oops. For months now, we had been hearing this information with “little boys” and how Jackson’s supposedly doesn’t let little girls stay in his room. Well, not so, according to Robson. Speaking more to that, according to an AP report, Robson was asked if he’d ever swam with Jackson. Robson says he and his sister went into a Jacuzzi with Jackson. From the report:

Robson said he had never showered with Jackson. Asked if he ever swam with Jackson, Robson said he and his sister went into a Jacuzzi with Jackson on their first visit to Neverland. Mesereau asked Robson what he did when he stayed in Jackson’s room. Robson said they played video games, watched movies and talked. (see Witness: [Jackson] Never Touched Me)

This is really some of the first pieces of testimony showing that Jackson wasn’t isolating these kids from their family and wasn’t excluding their sisters. Stay tuned for more informationÂ…if we can get more information about Robson’s direct testimony.

MAY 5 2005 (3:30 PM ET) — After a large portion of the day was spent arguing motions for a mistrial and motion for acquittal, the defense has called it’s first witness to the stand: Wade Robson. Robson (also spelled Robeson) has been the target of allegations being made about him by some of the prosecution’s disastrous 1108 witnesses like Adrian McManus and Blanca Francia. Robson has just testified that Jackson DID NOT molest him unlike the speculation and unfounded allegations made by previous prosecution witnesses. Some observers say that bringing these witnesses on first, the defense is showing the jury what the prosecution couldn’t do. By bringing on the actual people allegedly involved in a prosecution-alleged crime to say it never happened, the defense is basically saying that the prosecution knowingly gave jurors discreditable information. As soon as we get more info, we’ll keep you updated.

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