Robinson: Mother Wasn’t Scripted

Jackson cousin testifies to sex activity by accuser, brother … The defense on Wednesday also called Christian Robinson, who participated in interviews of the accuser’s family and Jackson’s former wife Deborah Rowe for the so-called rebuttal video. Robinson said there were no scripts for the interviews, in which Rowe and […]

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Accuser’s Disturbing Behavior, Lying Under Oath, Mother Coaching Kids Update#1.1

[b] Accuser’s Disturbing Behavior, Family Lying Under Oath, Mother Coaching Kids[/b] Update #1.1 MAY 18 2005 — The defense continues to blaze through the prosecution’s “case” by hammering away at the credibility of the accusing family; showing that not only have they lied in the past, but they have also lied under oath to the jury in this “case”.

Breaking News line: The judge has ruled that the defense HAS NOT opened the door to the character issue. This means the prosecution cannot try to backdoor-in more unfounded allegations about his character.

Witnesses taking the stand today included actress Vernee Watson Johnson who testified that she met the Arvizos and visited the accuser in the hospital. She says she didn’t trust Janet Arvizo. She testified about the children calling her and telling her they wanted to visit her, and she could actually hear the mother telling them what to say in the background. This corroborates what the obnoxious Jay Leno told to the Santa Barbara sheriff’s department. He says he got an unsolicited call from the accuser and he, too, could hear the mother coaching him about what to say in the background as well. She also testified that when they came to her house, they were very disruptive. She says they went through her things and jumped up and down on her son’s bed. Apparently they were so bad that she says she never invited them back.

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