Robinson: Mother Wasn’t Scripted

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Jackson cousin testifies to sex activity by accuser, brother … The defense on Wednesday also called Christian Robinson, who participated in interviews of the accuser’s family and Jackson’s former wife Deborah Rowe for the so-called rebuttal video. Robinson said there were no scripts for the interviews, in which Rowe and the family praised Michael Jackson. Robinson said he wrote questions for Rowe’s interview but ran the camera while another man conducted the interview. He said he asked the questions during the family’s interview and that their answers were spontaneous, contradicting the mother’s claim that every moment was scripted. Robinson described the mother as appearing comfortable and chatty. He said some of her comments were “a little nutty” but he found her to be a warm person. “Was there anything that you saw that indicated she was unwilling to do the interview?” defense attorney Robert Sanger asked. “She was adamant about wanting to do the interview,” Robinson said, but he noted that she was hesitant to sign a release form that would allow the video to be aired. Source:

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