Accuser’s Disturbing Behavior, Lying Under Oath, Mother Coaching Kids Update#1.1

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[b] Accuser’s Disturbing Behavior, Family Lying Under Oath, Mother Coaching Kids[/b] Update #1.1 MAY 18 2005 — The defense continues to blaze through the prosecution’s “case” by hammering away at the credibility of the accusing family; showing that not only have they lied in the past, but they have also lied under oath to the jury in this “case”.

Breaking News line: The judge has ruled that the defense HAS NOT opened the door to the character issue. This means the prosecution cannot try to backdoor-in more unfounded allegations about his character.

Witnesses taking the stand today included actress Vernee Watson Johnson who testified that she met the Arvizos and visited the accuser in the hospital. She says she didn’t trust Janet Arvizo. She testified about the children calling her and telling her they wanted to visit her, and she could actually hear the mother telling them what to say in the background. This corroborates what the obnoxious Jay Leno told to the Santa Barbara sheriff’s department. He says he got an unsolicited call from the accuser and he, too, could hear the mother coaching him about what to say in the background as well. She also testified that when they came to her house, they were very disruptive. She says they went through her things and jumped up and down on her son’s bed. Apparently they were so bad that she says she never invited them back. Johnson says that she would give the accuser’s mother money after the mother heavily hinting at how broke she was. She says she even called off a fundraiser she planned to hold for the family. So now we have a modus operandi of the mother. She doesn’t outright ask for thousands of dollars. She’ll just tell her tales of woe and make her marks feel sorry for her enough to offer up the cash. According to testimony from “big mouth” Louise Polanker, Jamie Masada and Fritz Coleman, they all conceded that they would give money to the family after the family would complain about either medical bills (which turned out didn’t exist), no rent money, no money for food, etc. Already the prosecution apologists and spinners are out in force actually claiming the defense isn’t putting on a strong case against testimony presented from the prosecution. Well the truth must be really tearing them apart because some of the pro-prosecution pundits have closed ranks and are now, through their reports, actually trying to convince the public that the accuser, his brother, his sister and the mother being caught perjuring themselves is no big deal. Ha! The more obvious this “case” becomes to the public, the more these same pundits try their damnedest to hold on to their future book profits and “analysts” jobs with various networks. Yesterday, Simone Jackson, cousin of Michael Jackson, testified that she actually caught the accuser and his bother stealing wine out of the kitchen when Jackson was no where around. She says she confronted them, and they asked her not to tell anybody. Simone Jackson was chummy with the accuser’s older sister, Davellin. She also gave testimony that D. Arvizo told her the mother really wanted to go on the trip to Brazil. This is directly contradictory to what the mother testified to on the stand. Another relative of Jackson’s, Rijo Jackson (also spelled ‘Rio’), has some of the most compelling and damning evidence to offer against the two Arvizo brothers. During one of his stays at Neverland, he was actually assigned to the same guest suite as the accuser and his brother in March 2003. Just this fact alone knocks out the notion that Michael Jackson had the accuser sleeping in bed with him during that time period. Rijo Jackson also testified that he saw Gavin and Star Arvizo under the covers masterbating while watching a sexually explicit video in the guest suite to which they were all assigned. Not only that, but one of the boys was trying to solicit him to participate in the sex act with them. Isn’t that ironic? Rijo Jackson says he ran from the guest suite, scared, after seeing that incident and told his cousin, Jackson, “a little bit” about it. If you remember, Gavin Arvizo was specifically asked on the stand by Mesereau under cross-examination if anyone had ever walked in on him masterbating. He categorically denied it. Well, now the public knows that he wasn’t telling the truth before the jury. Testimony from one of the maids also confirm that the accuser and his brother either stole some adult magazines from Jackson’s bedroom or brought in their own stash because she saw some of the magazines in a backpack located in the guest suites to which they were assigned. According to a CNN report dated today “Singer’s cousin testifies in challenge to accuser’s account”, he says he told Jackson, but that Jackson really didn’t believe him. From that article:

The young Jackson cousin told jurors in the entertainer’s child molestation trial that the incident took place in early 2003, when he and his older sister were staying overnight at the ranch. He testified that after witnessing the incident, he ran to Jackson’s bedroom in Neverland’s main residence to tell him “a little bit” about what he had seen. “He didn’t believe that,” Rio Jackson said of his famous first cousin. “He thought they were good.”

R. Jackson also testified about yet another incident where Jackson apparently had ordered a bottle of wine to be delivered to his room from the chef, Angel Vivanco. But the accuser and his brother intercepted that bottle of wine. Jackson later found it. It had been opened and some of the wine was missing. R. Jackson says he didn’t tell Jackson about that because he didn’t actually see the boys in the act of drinking it, according to an AP article titled “Young Cousin Testifies in Trial”. R. Jackson also says the Arvizo brothers stole money and other materials out of a drawer in the kitchen at the chef’s station. He also saw them running from ranch manager Jesus Salas’ office with money he thought the boys had taken. In yet another instance of illustrating that Jackson wasn’t at Neverland much of this time, R. Jackson says he didn’t tell Michael Jackson because he (Jackson) was often away, reports the AP. Also according to the AP, he did, however, try to tell the maid about the money being stolen from the kitchen. So now we have Jackson often away from Neverland or not around these kids during the prosecution’s alleged “molestation” timeframe by yet another witness. Remember, security guard Shane Meredith testified that he actually caught the two little hell-raisers in the wine cellar by themselves; an open bottle of wine between them. He, too, says that Jackson was nowhere around. There are now 3 witnesses who set these accusers as breaking into the wine cellar, stealing wine from the kitchen, and hijacking wine that was to be delivered to Jackson’s bedroom, again, not in Jackson’s presence. Jackson was reportedly in the bathroom when the Arvizo’s got their hands on the bottle. According to Angel Vivanco, one of the boys also threatened to get Vivanco fired from Neverland if he didn’t spike his milkshake with liquor. The picture that this paints is that these two, Gavin and Star, were very manipulative, disruptive, disrespectful little thieves. The pro-prosecution pundits will try to blame this on Jackson, but Jackson isn’t their parent. They will try to blame the “atmosphere” at Neverland as, according to them, it “HAS” to be Jackson’s fault. They can’t wrap their minds around the fact that these kids particularly were the problem. Unless the DA can produce 10, 30, 50, 100 kids who all say that this was the regular “atmosphere” at Neverland, the jury is left with the picture that these two little “liars” were doing exactly what the defense said in their opening statement: they were lying, going through Jackson’s private materials, breaking into the wine cellar, and going unchecked by their parent, Janet Arvizo. Also taking the stand today was Christian Robinson, who actually participated in the interviews with that Arvizo family when they did their rebuttal interview. Robinson also was there for Debbie Rowe’s interview. Robinson interviewed the family. He says the family’s answers were spontaneous. He testified that there were no scripts, refuting the things Janet Arvizo sat on that stand, looked the jurors in the eyes and said. According to Robinson, during that rebuttal interview — which never made it to the final version of the full rebuttal documentary which aired on Fox — she was relaxed and talkative. That makes at least 4 people who have refuted the allegation that the rebuttal interview with the family was scripted. For the record, the four witnesses are Hamid Moslehi, Debbie Rowe, Iris Finsilver (Rowe’s attorney), and now Christian Robinson. Stay tuned!

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