Dupri says Michael Jackson shouldn’t be humble about acquittal

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Posted on Tue, Aug. 02, 2005 [b]Dupri says Michael Jackson shouldn’t be humble about acquittal[/b] Associated Press NEW YORK – If Michael Jackson took Jermaine Dupri’s advice, he’d be on TV flaunting his acquittal instead of retreating from the public eye. “I was him, I would have gone on `TRL’ immediately and said look, `Everybody who wanna say something about me, good, y’all could say whatever y’all wanna say, there’s nothing you can say about me at this point, no more than what just happened,” said Dupri, who is based in Atlanta and is dating Jackson’s sister Janet. Jackson was acquitted in June on child molestation charges. While other scandal-plagued stars have launched the comeback route with a teary-eyed interview with Oprah Winfrey or Barbara Walters, Dupri scoffed at the suggestion that Jackson should be remorseful. “He don’t have to do that, because he didn’t do nothing wrong. Everybody else did something wrong but him. What did he do wrong? Why should he come back and cry?” Dupri asked. And though some have doubted whether the pop star could make a successful comeback, Dupri says Jackson has a magical quality that will always keep people interested. “If Michael Jackson came in this room right now, there would be no one in this room who could not stop looking at him. As long as you’ve got that power, you’re never damaged,” Dupri told The Associated Press in a recent interview. “He has that power over anybody. If people can’t stop looking at you, you’re so interesting to people, there’s no way you can be damaged.” Source: http://www.tallahassee.com/mld/tallahassee/news/local/12281736.htm or http://www.macon.com/mld/macon/news/local/12281736.htm

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