Ludicrous Bartucci Claims Revealed Months Earlier – MB #281

Ludicrous Bartucci Claims Revealed Months Earlier – MB #281 Some media slow, as usual, with presenting details of Bartucci’s shady past AUGUST 18 2005 – With news about the ludicrous claims from Joseph Barticci – allegedly being held hostage in a limo at age 18, and being sliced with razors by Jackson – the rabid, Jackson-obsessed sect of the media is attempting to run amok with this story. Most people hearing the “repressed memory” allegation that in 1984, an 18 year old Bartucci was held for days in a limo and sexually assaulted at gunpoint, rightly see this as the ridiculous allegation it is. However, some in the media who have used Jackson-related stories to increase their ratings, as well as some who want Jackson’s blood, are presenting the story as if it’s a serious news event. Take the ratings-chasing Rita “NOI” Cosby of MSNBC, for example. Her Jackson segment last night (August 17) was long on allegations from Bartucci’s lawyer and short on truth. Though attorney Brian Oxman did his best to counter the allegations, his air time was severely limited in favor of Bartucci’s lawyer. Nutty-ass “journalists” run from the truth like mythical vampires run from crucifixes. However, it took the entertainment-based Celebrity Justice (CJ) to dig out other aspects of this story almost a year ago when the lawsuit was initially filed.

Radio Show #2 Re-broadcast

Due to requests, the Essence of Love Radio Show #2 will be re-broadcasted! Topics -Thomas Mesereau’s Radio 5 interview -The 2 lying jurors Eleanor Cook and Ray Hultman who may have flip-flopped for book deals Show length: 34 minutes [u][b]Re-air times[/b][/u] August 18 2005: [b]7:00PM ET / 6:00PM CT[/b];       Continue Reading