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Ludicrous Bartucci Claims Revealed Months Earlier – MB #281 Some media slow, as usual, with presenting details of Bartucci’s shady past AUGUST 18 2005 – With news about the ludicrous claims from Joseph Barticci – allegedly being held hostage in a limo at age 18, and being sliced with razors by Jackson – the rabid, Jackson-obsessed sect of the media is attempting to run amok with this story. Most people hearing the “repressed memory” allegation that in 1984, an 18 year old Bartucci was held for days in a limo and sexually assaulted at gunpoint, rightly see this as the ridiculous allegation it is. However, some in the media who have used Jackson-related stories to increase their ratings, as well as some who want Jackson’s blood, are presenting the story as if it’s a serious news event. Take the ratings-chasing Rita “NOI” Cosby of MSNBC, for example. Her Jackson segment last night (August 17) was long on allegations from Bartucci’s lawyer and short on truth. Though attorney Brian Oxman did his best to counter the allegations, his air time was severely limited in favor of Bartucci’s lawyer. Nutty-ass “journalists” run from the truth like mythical vampires run from crucifixes. However, it took the entertainment-based Celebrity Justice (CJ) to dig out other aspects of this story almost a year ago when the lawsuit was initially filed. On Nov 11 2004, CJ reported information from Bartucci’s ex-girlfriend, Hope Horne. She says the plan to sue Jackson was hatched by Bartucci months before he claimed to have miraculously and suddenly “remembered” being allegedly sexually abused at 18. Horne says she doesn’t want to see “this con man ruin a person who already has enough on his plate” (see Jackson Accuser Accused). Horne says she was shocked when she heard news of Bartucci actually going through with the scam. She told the entertainment show she is also angry. From the CJ report:

“I’m angry that he’s doing this,” Hope said. “I feel hurt that he’s doing this and glad that maybe I’ll see justice served. He’s a total con artist and a liar.” …So what’s Hope’s theory on why Bartucci is accusing Jackson of sexual assault, cutting him with a razor blade and puncturing his chest with steel wire? “He’s trying to get a quick buck,” Hope said. “He thinks Michael Jackson will pay him off and shut him up.” (see Jackson Accuser Accused)

Whether Horne has an ax to grind with Bartucci or not, Bartucci’s history could make her intentions (if she has any) a moot point. History…. Jackson isn’t the first person Bartucci has accused of sexually abusing him. In 2001, he filed a lawsuit accusing a reverend in Louisiana of molesting him. In that lawsuit, he claimed the minister “demanded” that Bartucci’s “masturbation was necessary in order to purify and avoid going to hell” (see Jackson Accuser Accused). The lawyer for the minister said the allegations from Bartucci devastated the reverend’s family, and the case ended in a settlement. Bartucci himself was accused of and pled guilty to stalking a woman in Rapides Parish. got their hands on the paperwork as well as Bartucci’s mugshot, seen at the beginning of this article. According to the State of Louisiana Ninth Judicial District Court papers, Asst. D.A. Roger Breedlove charged Bartucci with 4 counts of stalking. The August 2 1996 papers say that Bartucci “willfully, maliciously and repeatedly” followed, harassed and threatened a woman, “with the intent to place her in reasonable fear of serious bodily harm” (see New Jackson Accuser’s Stalk Rap). According to the Sept 16 1996 Criminal Minutes, Bartucci did plead guilty to a lesser offense of stalking including doing so by using harassing telephone language. He was ordered to pay a fine, pay the court costs, and was sentenced to 90 days in the Parish Prison. The jail term was suspended, however. He was also placed on supervised probation through a Rapids Parish sheriff for 2 years and for an additional year of unsupervised probation. He had to pay $20/month to the sheriff for his supervision. And he was ordered to undergo counseling as directed by the probation officer. This is far from the end of Bartucci’s legal problems. According to Celebrity Justice, he is also being sued by a woman who says Bartucci used “fraudulent conduct” and “obtained title” to an insurance policy owned by her (see Jackson Accuser Accused). The lawyer representing the woman who’s suing Bartucci says he faked a convulsion during a deposition in that civil case. Hope Horne, the ex-girlfriend, told CJ she’s not at all surprised that Bartucci would do something like that. As if that weren’t enough, one of the previous lawyers representing Bartucci in the ludicrous allegation against Jackson has quit. Stephen Murray, the Louisiana lawyer who filed the lawsuit, filed papers to withdraw as Bartucci’s lawyer on Nov 29 2005. This was only a few weeks after he had filed the lawsuit. Again, obtained those court papers and posted them on their website. According to the court documents, the lawyer says that “circumstances” arose which made it necessary for him to stop representing Bartucci. The “circumstances” were so sensitive in nature that he filed a separate motion, under seal, with the court regarding his reasons for ditching the stalker and accused fraud (see MJ Accuser’s Lawyer To Beat It?). Even the prosecution’s favorite “reporter”, tabloid reporter Diane Dimond, couldn’t help but to run into a large lawsuit history with Bartucci. In a report from her in 2004, she claims Bartucci has been sued at least 9 different times and has filed at least 6 other lawsuits against other people. This information hasn’t been confirmed by MJEOL and, quite frankly, I’m dubious towards just about everything Dimond reports – even if it’s helpful to Jackson. Repressed wha…? While I’ve complained about some in the media who want to blow this story up into some kind of serious allegation, there are a few who just aren’t buying it. Period. Substituting for Nancy (dis)Grace, Jane Valez-Mitchell talked to attorneys Brian Oxman, Jim Moret, and David Wohl, as well as professor of Psychiatry Joseph Deltito and one of Bartucci’s attorneys on an August 17 2005 Headline News show. Wohl says “repressed memory”, like what Bartucci is claiming, is seen as “junk science”. Professor of Psychiatry Deltito agrees. He says that where claims of “repressed memory” exist, it’s usually the result of poor psychotherapy or lies. Putting aside for a second that Bartucci is completely making this up, Deltito says “repressed memory” is usually false or implanted memories. From the transcript of the show:

JOSEPH DELTITO, PROFESSOR OF PSYCHIATRY: Repressed memory, where it does exist, is usually a bad artifact of poor psychotherapy or were someone has contingencies that would reward him for remembering something. They’re usually false memories. They’re usually implanted. (see disGrace: Oxman Re: Bartucci + 2 Jurors (August 17 2005))

Deltito says the nature of severe trauma is that people have trouble forgetting traumatic events. Not that they forget for 20 years and suddenly remember while watching celebrity trial coverage – and on Court TV, at that. To make his point, Deltito mentions a severe trauma like being in Auschwitz. He says nobody forgets for 20 years that they were in Auschwitz. And that’s about as traumatic as you can get. More from the transcript:

The nature of severe trauma is that people have trouble forgetting. I never heard of someone who was in Auschwitz, Dachau, whose experience was so bad they couldn’t remember it. The nature of trauma is that you can’t forget it, post-traumatic stress disorder. …The nature of severe trauma is that you can’t forget things, not that you do forget things. I don’t want to say 100 percent of the cases it never occurs, but the idea of someone who’s 18 years old who had an experience over four days and doesn’t remember that it happened is essentially ludicrous from a modern psychiatric point of view. (see disGrace: Oxman Re: Bartucci + 2 Jurors (August 17 2005))

Jim Moret makes the point of Bartucci’s age. Remember, Bartucci was an adult at the time he’s alleging this nonsense took place. Moret says that “as a lay person…if [the allegations] happened to you, you would have a difficult time forgetting and you wouldn’t be able to forget, let alone repress” (see disGrace: Oxman Re: Bartucci + 2 Jurors (August 17 2005)). Further, to have media attention around allegations in 2003 be the catalyst of some alleged “repressed memory”, adds another level of suspicion. There’s also the little matter of Jackson being photographed with Ron and Nancy Regan and preparing for the Victory Tour during the time Bartucci is alleging the events took place. I won’t be discussing the timeline here. For all I know, Bartucci is going to pull and Arvizo/Sneddon by completely changing the dates of the alleged events. Remember, the more information Sneddon learned about Jackson’s whereabouts in Feb 2003, the more the timeline of the allegations changed. In the end, Bartucci won’t be able to fake a convulsion to get out of a deposition in this “case”. By all indications, to swipe an old saying, if Bartucci or his lawyer(s) think they’re going to waltz out of court with a fat settlement check, they may be sadly mistaken. -MJEOL

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