Breaking: Court TV Gets Rid of Dimond?

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According to, tabloid reporter Diane Dimond has gotten the boot from Court TV. Here’s what’s posted:

Category: Court TV Sunday, Aug 28 Diane Dimond Leaves Court TV Court TV dismantled Diane Dimond’s investigative unit, and she subsequently left the network on Friday. Late last week, I wondered why Dimond was labeled an “investigative journalist” when she appeared on Nancy Grace.

Apparently so did her fans, and Dimond sent a message to her fan club explaining the situation:

“…My contract with Court TV is/was coming to an end in December and they decided to end it early. Court TV told me on Wednesday that they planned to dismantle my Investigative Unit and Friday was my last day there.”

Meanwhile, Dimond’s book will come out in November. She says she is “planning what to do next with myself,” and is “actually quite excited about the prospects.”

Source: You better believe I’ve got something to say about this in an upcoming MJEOL Bullet.

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