[Jackson] Flies To Germany To Support Promoter – Review 1998

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[b][Jackson] Flies To Germany To Support Promoter[/b] supporting promoter (Posted Mar 19, 1998) (HAMBURG) – Michael Jackson arrived in Munich on Saturday to provide moral support to concert promoter Marcel Avram, who starts a 3 1/2-year term for tax evasion in the city’s Landsberg/Lech detention center April 1.| “It is very painful for me to see my friend Marcel Avram being sent back to prison in spite of his age and the delicate state of his health,” says Jackson, who has taken up residence with his entourage in Munich’s Bayerischer Hof hotel. “As long as Marcel needs me, I will stay with him.” It is Jackson’s second trip to Munich to see Avram; he paid a surprise visit last May. During almost nine months in jail last year awaiting trial, Avram became seriously ill and underwent surgery for astomach ulcer and prostate trouble. He provided a full confession, paid the outstanding tax, and denied any criminal intent. The impresario was convicted Dec. 22 for withholding 5 million deutsch marks ($2.76 million) of tax after channeling fees to artists such as Pink Floyd, Chris de Burgh and Joe Cocker via a “letter-box” company in the Netherlands. (Posted Mar 19, 1998) Source: http://www.rollingstone.com/news/story/_/id/5930856

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