Rowe Didn’t Talk to Tab, No Drug Investigation – NY Daily News

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Side dish Overseas tabs must be desperate for Michael Jackson stories. Ireland’s Sunday World quoted his ex-wife Debbie Rowe as saying he’s not the biological father of their children, Prince Michael and Paris. Her lawyer, Iris Finsilver, tells us Rowe “never spoke to any newspaper.” Besides being home (far from Ireland) with the flu, Rowe would be crazy to jeopardize her money and visitation deal with Jackson by blabbing. Meanwhile, The Sun of London yesterday claimed “traces of cocaine were found on [Jackson’s] underwear during a police raid” – and that cops were investigating his alleged use of anti-depressants and painkillers. The story is apparently based on the warmed-over 2003 claims by a former Jacko bodyguard. The News’ Michelle Caruso found no law-enforcement sources to corroborate coke-laced briefs or a current drug probe. Source:

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