CompAmerica Announces AX5, a Free “Windows-Like” Operating System

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CompAmerica ( announces a free operating system option for its PCs that it claims “bears a reasonable resemblance” to Microsoft Windows XP and can cohabitate with Microsoft Windows XP on the same PC. (PRWEB via PR Web Direct) December 13, 2005 — CompAmerica ( announced a free operating system, called: “AX5,” which it says “very much resembles Microsoft Windows XP ®.” The new operating system includes a graphical user interface that CompAmerica claims very much resembles it’s Windows ® counterpart. AX5 comes bundled with a full featured, built-in Office Automation package that can read and modify Microsoft Word 2003 documents with full word processing like Microsoft Word ®, a Browser similar to Internet Explorer called “Mozilla,” and high end Video, Music Media Players. AX5 also includes built in advanced security, built in auto-configuring networking, network sharing and wireless support. It comes with a vast library of web downloadable 2000 3rd-party applications ranging from Multimedia to Business Applications to Development tools, very similar to or equivalent to those found in the Microsoft Windows community. Company Chairman, Dr. Jack A. Shulman, indicated: “While we are traditionally a Microsoft Windows ® oriented PC company, we have been selling other systems since the first day of our company’s existence. We see a cost savings opportunity for those who have limited budget, and need robust Word Processing, Spread Sheets, the Internet, Email, Instant Messaging and Databases. AX5 is quite robust, since all of these features come standard with it. It plays videos, DVDs, Macromedia presentations, you can even load Apache Stronghold on it because it is 100% Linux and Unix compatible, as well as compatible with the Windows XP file system, NTFS. You can load Windows XP and run AX5 right from the CDROM on your CompAmerica PC, directly accessing your XP/NTFS drive, then switch back into XP mode, with a simple restart. AX5 is fast, providing Open GL graphical quality at resolutions of 1680×1200 and 1920×1280 on ordinary 17 and 19 inch CRTs and Flat Panels. Our Phoenix 64 PC at $299 with any APG4x/8x or PCI-express Video adapter will run AX5 right off the distribution CD with no installation necessary.” CompAmerica indicated that AX5 will run on all CompAmerica PCs with few exceptions. An enhanced version, AX6, would be made available in the next few months bundled with Apache Stronghold, NFS, and MYSQL Database manager for use in high performance, low cost server form-factors. It also indicated it would be adding more features to the AX series so that low end PC buyers could obtain them on a smaller budget. A spokesperson added that CompAmerica’s VideoC/++ and a Java Development system, as well as multimedia development from Apple and Real Networks are available for AX5, along with 2000 other applications from its 3rd Party Catalog, available for a modest annual maintenance subscription. CompAmerica indicated that it expected most users would also opt to purchase Windows Media Center 2005 for their PCs, and is offering a bundle of both AX5 and Microsoft Windows Media Center 2005 along with a plug in TV Tuner and Remote Control for $199 extra, on all 3.0GHz and up CompAmerica PCs. CompAmerica, a leader in the PC, Server and Laptop industry, may be reached by phone at 908-931-1200 and on the web at To order AX5 with any CompAmerica PC, Laptop or Server, simply add the word “AX5” to any telephone or web order. Microsoft Windows ® and Windows XP ®, Microsoft Office ®, Microsoft Word ® and Windows ® are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. All other trade names belong to their respective owners. ### Source:

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