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MJEOL RADIO has gone 24/7! Now you can listen to MJEOL RADIO any time you choose! Select your listening option by clicking here: MJEOL RADIO features music from an array of artists, playing everyone from Michael Jackson, the Jackson 5, Destiny’s Child and Alicia Keys, to Coldplay, Bjork, and James Blunt. Our playlist is just as diverse as the millions of Michael Jackson fans around the world! P.O.’ed at something one of your professors said about Jackson? Need to vent about recent false reports? Angry that you mom is totally clueless about the trial? You can share that with the fan community. Occasionally we also do a radio show which may include audio commentaries from the fan community! You can record and send your audio commentary to: radio@mjeol.com Or you can call in and leave a voicemail of your commentary: 1 (425) 648-4907. Come on and participate!

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